Independent community pharmacists have no better or more effective advocate than NCPA on the issues that impact their patients and pharmacies.

Whether it's at Capitol Hill, state legislatures, regulatory agencies, or the courts, NCPA advocates for you on issues ranging from PBM abuses to your ability to practice to the full extent of your training.

Not sure how our advocacy efforts affect your pharmacy practice?

More information and resources on current federal and state issues and legislation, as well as on the engines that fuel our success can be found below:

COVID-19 Information


Read letters and comments to the administration and Congress about issues concerning community pharmacy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Federal Priorities

Battleground: SCOTUS

Rutledge v. PCMA was heard on Tuesday, Oct. 6 with a decision expected prior to June 30, 2021. The case was originally scheduled to be argued in April but was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Rutledge v. PCMA is a landmark case on whether states can adopt meaningful regulations on pharmacy benefit managers.

Pharmacy DIR Fees

An overwhelming majority of independent community pharmacy owners say that retroactive pharmacy direct and indirect remuneration fees undermine patient access to prescription drugs and hinder owners’ ability to manage their businesses. 

Generic Pricing Transparency

Generic prescription drugs account for over 80 percent of medications dispensed by community pharmacies, yet there is no transparency into how they are priced in federal health programs by middlemen called pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs).


Community pharmacies provide cost-saving medication and pharmacy services to millions of Medicare Part B and D patients. 

Any Willing Pharmacy

Medicare beneficiary access to prescription drugs is impeded by mandates from insurance middlemen (pharmacy benefit managers or PBMs) that effectively dictate which pharmacy to use. 

State Priorities

Resources and Information

Central location of documents, including 1-pagers, model legislative language, recent state legislative wins, and other information to further advance pro-patient and pro-pharmacy advocacy efforts in the states.

Medicaid managed care pharmacy payment reforms

State audits and studies are showing that Medicaid drug costs are increasing, and pharmacy reimbursements are decreasing. Something isn’t adding up. NCPA supports efforts to increase transparency and accountability and to ensure state oversight of Medicaid managed care programs.

Comprehensive PBM regulation

Over time, PBMs have been allowed to operate virtually unchecked. A lack of transparency in PBM practices is increasingly leading states — with NCPA’s support — to implement licensure/registration, fair pharmacy audit, or generic drug pricing legislation to try to level the playing field for pharmacies and patients.

Scope of practice and compensation for patient services

Community pharmacists are both medication experts and America’s most accessible health care providers. NCPA is committed to working with our members and state partners to remove the barriers preventing pharmacists from practicing to the top of their license and being compensated for patient care services.

Individual States

Click on the states to learn what community pharmacy-priority bills are active in legislatures throughout the country.

Legislative Action Center

Act Today
Proposed legislation that directly affects Independent Pharmacies.

Independent Pharmacy Today

Independent pharmacies provide a variety of niche services, often unavailable otherwise, to meet specific health needs

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Grassroots Toolkit

An investment in NCPA's Political Action Committee is political insurance for your independent pharmacy business. For community pharmacy to really make its voice heard in Washington, NCPAPAC needs your support now more than ever.


In our political system, there's strength and influence in numbers. That's why, when community pharmacists nationwide band together – when we pool our votes and our relationships and our checkbooks – we can get stuff done in Washington, D.C.

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