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Advocacy. Connections. Solutions. Development. As a student pharmacist, you recognize the value of community. You aren't just earning a degree. You're building trust, cultivating relationships, and learning how to improve the lives of people you care about with each lecture you attend and shift you pull at the pharmacy.

At NCPA, we're about building a community. As America's community pharmacy association, we bring student pharmacists together to shape good ideas into best practices and to turn challenges into innovations.

We recently launched NCPA Student Pharmacists — the new Facebook page and Instagram account made just for you. Look for @ncpastudents on both platforms and like/follow for great content including member highlights and upcoming events. Does your chapter have a Facebook or Instagram page? Be sure to have them like/follow us as well.


When you graduate, you will take the Oath of a Pharmacist. In that oath, you promise to embrace and advocate changes that improve patient care. At NCPA, we help you fulfill that promise long before graduation.

Federal Priorities

State Priorities

Keep Track of State Legislation

Watch this video to learn how stay up to date on legislation in your state.

Advocate and say NO to high prescription costs by uniting your voice with thousands of others across the country.


Pharmacy Benefit Managers, or PBMs, are largely unrecognized by most employees and even many employers, but they have a tremendous impact on U.S. health care decision-making.

PBM resources

NCPA is suing the US Federal government to end DIR fees.

NCPA Legal Center

Join us in our effort to secure the future of the profession by attending the Congressional Pharmacy Fly-in.

Congressional Fly-in


Network: It's a buzzword you hear all through pharmacy school. When you're part of the NCPA community, we help you move from networking to connecting.

When you join the NCPA community, the network is already there. Let us help you connect to it.

Connect to pharmacists.

Meetings and Events

Connect to your peers.

NCPA Student Chapters

Browse through videos to hear about the unique opportunities each of these residency programs provide.

NCPA's Residency Showcase

Connect to the profession.


Upcoming Webinars

SLC Townhalls


At NCPA, we like to provide solutions. After all, what's the point if we don't help solve some problems for you? We know you have pain points that are unique to you as a student pharmacist, so we have solutions that are specific to where you are in life.

Avoid more student loan debt.



We understand what student pharmacists need because we've been there. We're here to help you navigate and succeed.

You learn a lot in pharmacy school, but it doesn't cover everything you need to know to be a successful pharmacist. Leadership skills, business savvy, mentorship, and nontraditional practice experience are areas where NCPA works to fill in the gaps for you.

Grow as a leader.

Student Leadership

Sharpen your business skills.

Student Business Plan Competition

Get a behind-the-scenes look at NCPA.

Internships and Rotations

The NCPA Executive Residency is a springboard into a career of association work.

Executive Residency