Why Join NCPA

Join NCPA if you’re seeking a staunch political ally to fight for your business on Capitol Hill and a savvy business partner to help move your practice forward.

What NCPA Members Experience

Protect your business with help from NCPA. The NCPA Advocacy team raises awareness of the value our members provide to patients and the communities they serve at the national and state levels. Whether it's at Capitol Hill, state legislatures, regulatory agencies, or the courts, NCPA supports members on issues ranging from PBM abuses to enabling members to practice to their full extent.

Grow your business with help from NCPA. The NCPA Innovation Center offers invaluable training, programs, and resources to members to accelerate the growth of their practice. From business webinars to continuing education conferences, members are exposed to industry trends, cutting-edge ideas, and tools to help make their businesses more efficient and profitable.

Your independent pharmacy community nexus. With a network of more than 19,400 colleagues around the U.S., we help members connect with peers to learn, exchange ideas, and grow in their profession.

Your destination for exclusive deals. NCPA members receive deals and discounts for programs and services needed to excel in business and deliver the best care to their patients. These benefits include a subscription to America’s Pharmacist® (NCPA’s monthly publication that highlights NCPA advocacy activities, peer innovators, and pharmacy marketing tips), our medication synchronization program Simplify My Meds®, and robust digital and communications solutions through our exclusive benefit with Digital Pharmacist.


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NCPA members are some of the most successful pharmacy owners in the country. If you already own a pharmacy and are looking for ways to improve your bottom line or if you are interested in owning your own pharmacy, join NCPA and experience everything...

The Right Membership for You

Step 1: Choose your Membership Category:

Pharmacy Membership: Owners, managers, pharmacists and technicians. $435 for your first pharmacy; $150 for each additional pharmacy with common ownership. Up to four individuals can be listed at each member pharmacy. (Instructions on how to add staff to your pharmacy membership)

Retired Pharmacist: A person who is retired from the profession and wants to continue their membership with NCPA. — $135 per year.

Student Member: A student enrolled full-time in an undergraduate or graduate pharmacy program in an accredited college of pharmacy in the United States. — $50 per year.

Sustaining Member: A non-pharmacist owner/manager of an independent pharmacy or a non-pharmacist who wants to be a member of NCPA, and works in a field that would not qualify them for Corporate Membership. — $435 per year.

State Pharmacy Association Executives and College of Pharmacy NCPA Student Advisors: Please call NCPA directly at 1-800-544-7447 to join at the $235 per year rate.

Step 2: Sign up.

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Step 3: Explore these additional memberships to add after joining the base membership:

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25 Year Members

Thanks to our members who have supported NCPA for 25 years and counting!

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