Show Me

Show Me

Show Me is a video series styled after popular TV makeover shows, only these stars are real pharmacists who need help getting a certain aspect of their business on track. The first season focuses on immunizations and features five pharmacists who are struggling to get their immunization program off the ground, market effectively, or figure out a way to make profitable. After calling NCPA for help, the struggling pharmacists get a visit from one of their colleagues, a pharmacist who’s had success with their vaccination program.

The first episode premieres in October on NCPA’s various internet platforms, including its website and YouTube channel, NCPAvids. Follow @commpharmacy for updates and sneak previews.

The Vaccination Edition: Real-life pharmacists trying something new

What will happen if these pharmacists can't cut it? Can they figure it out, or will they be left behind? Watch to see if NCPA’s mentors can help local pharmacists overcome the obstacles of setting up a successful vaccination program.

The Vaccination Edition: Supporting independent pharmacy businesses and the community

No matter where your pharmacy is located, an immunization program is a must-have if you want to keep growing. Watch as NCPA experts take these community pharmacists to the next level by helping them set up successful vaccination programs.

Show-Me is a production of the NCPA Innovation Center with support from Pfizer.