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DIR Lawsuit

NCPA is suing the government to end DIR fees. Doing so has been our top priority since 2014. We tried every year of the outgoing administration to persuade the Department of Health and Human Services to adopt new rules to remedy the problem. That effort nearly succeeded in 2019, only to have it die because of opposition from the White House. Having exhausted every effort to work through the legislative and regulatory processes, community pharmacies can wait no longer.

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Your Neighbor: Benefits of an Independent Pharmacist

Your Neighbor: Benefits of an Independent Pharmacist

Your local independent pharmacists are your most accessible healthcare professionals and take the time to truly connect and consult with each patient they serve.

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Legislative Action Center

Proposed legislation that directly affects Independent Pharmacies.

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COVID-19 What you need to know

COVID-19 Information

NCPA has been monitoring the information and guidance provided by the CDC and other government agencies, and is advocating on behalf of independent community pharmacies on the front lines.

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NCPA has partnered with PRS to create a digital resource for CBD products, as well as an educational platform for pharmacists designated to give them the information they need to confidently advise their patients on all things CBD.​

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Member Spotlight


Aimee O’Reilly, PharmD

Worthington, Ohio

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NCPA’S Value to me:

"NCPA is a real resource for best practices. They give us the resources to perform at a high level. And the advocacy they do on behalf of community pharmacy is wonderful."

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