Pharmacy Education Opportunities

Whether you are a pharmacy owner, staff pharmacist, or pharmacy technician, NCPA can help you meet your continuing education requirements through a mix of live and online CE activities.

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NCPA Learning Center

Open to all pharmacy owners, staff pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians, the NCPA Learning Center is a place to complete continuing pharmacy education requirements.

Growth & Profitability Programs

Grow your pharmacies, empower your staff, and boost your profits with these interactive NCPA Innovation Center programs.

  • Pharmacy-Based Point-of-Care Testing Certificate Program
  • The Business of Long-Term Care Workshop
  • Pharmacy Ownership Workshop
  • Enhanced Services Boot Camp
  • Creating Health: Pharmacist-Led Lifestyle & Weight Management
  • Thinking Outside the Vial
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show me

Show Me

Show Me, a groundbreaking video series starring ordinary pharmacists with typical challenges who get help from some extraordinary peers. Our first season will premier this fall, and it will focus on immunization. We’ll pick five NCPA members who call for help, and we’ll send in an expert.

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NCPA Innovation Center/ CPESN Community Pharmacy Fellowship

NCPA Innovation Center/ CPESN Community Pharmacy Fellowship

The NCPA Innovation Center/ CPESN Community Pharmacy Fellowship is an intensive 12-month training program open to all practicing pharmacists working at a CPESN® USA pharmacy. CPESN pharmacies can specifically hire a fellow or enroll a current employee in the fellowship. The fellows would participate in regular discussion groups with their co-fellows, as well as, educational webinars on core topics led by a centralized faculty including luminaries and ACT faculty that instruct them how to implement clinical services.

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thinking outside the vial

Thinking Outside the Vial

This six-part series will dive into how you can address some of the most common disease states with tactics beyond medications. Functional medicine pharmacists and thought leaders, Lara Zakaria and Suzanne Keyes, will lead you through top disease states and how you can address them with a biological, systems-based approach.

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Creating Health: Pharmacist-Led Lifestyle & Weight Management

Creating Health

Obesity is the symptom of the body adapting and adjusting to its current culture and environment. Medication, genetics, culture? How can we help our patients?

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Pharmacy owners and future pharmacy owners tune in the second Wednesday of every month to discover new ideas and ways to succeed in pharmacy ownership.

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Executive Residency

Executive Residency

The NCPA Executive Residency is a springboard into a career of association work or independent practice that will provide you with distinction as a future leader in the health care field.

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Diabetes Accreditation Boot Camp

Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME)

Diabetes Accreditation Boot Camp, brought to you by PharmFurther and the NCPA Innovation Center is a turn-key online course that will help prepare you for DSME accreditation so you can finally start billing Medicare and other payers for the diabetes education you provide.

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Clinical-Community Pharmacy Series

A five-part video series to help you rethink pharmacy

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NCPA has partnered with PRS to create a digital resource for CBD products, as well as an educational platform for pharmacists designated to give them the information they need to confidently advise their patients on all things CBD.​

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