Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME), Accreditation Simplified


Future Dates

April 26
(non-CE, virtual training)
Registration deadline - April 23

Diabetes Accreditation Boot Camp, brought to you by PharmFurther and the NCPA Innovation Center is a turn-key online course that will help prepare you for DSME accreditation so you can finally start billing Medicare and other payers for the diabetes education you provide.

Do you enjoy providing education and support for patients with diabetes? Have you thought about offering Diabetes Self-Management Education in your pharmacy, but the accreditation process seems too daunting?

We hear you! Which is why the NCPA Innovation Center has partnered with PharmFurther to bring you Diabetes Accreditation Boot Camp.

Launching an accredited Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) program is not complicated if you have the right tools and support. This A-Z walkthrough guide to accreditation will literally walk you through the process so you can get started. You'll gain hands-on direction from our expert live instructors PLUS bonus marketing and profitability classes after completion.

This comprehensive Boot Camp includes:

  • Mentorship from Travis Wolff, PharmD, a practicing pharmacy owner who has successfully implemented DSME in his practice and has helped over 300 pharmacies implement DSME in theirs

  • Assistance with the process of becoming an accredited DSME site from start to finish

  • Customizable operations manuals built to the way your business is set up, so you don't have to develop them from scratch

  • Weekly meetings over 6 weeks to review documentation required for accreditation

  • Access to recorded class meetings

  • Assistance with marketing and setting up your program for profit and sustainability

  • Access to on-demand consultations and guidance throughout the entire process

If you're looking to add additional patient-care services into workflow, DSME is a billable, evidence-based service that allows pharmacists to improve clinical outcomes and quality of life for patients with diabetes. Currently one-on-one education pays $120/hour and group education pays for up to 20 people at $28/hour per person (a potential of $560/hour!); but you need to have an accredited site in order to bill Medicare. It only takes 7 patients completing the program to pay for your investment.

"Getting accredited is turnkey when you work with PharmFurther. After asking a few questions, Travis will help you write your entire operations manual. Then he shows you the exact steps to break it into sections for submission. I can't believe it was this easy." - Lee Ann (Paris Apothecary, Texas)

Diabetes Accreditation Boot Camp

It’s time to launch your next profitable service. Let us give you the tools to make it happen.

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