NCPA Committees


NCPA Committee on Compounding

This committee provides expertise on issues and opportunities in compounding including developing business opportunities and challenges as well as regulatory opportunities and challenges. The committee will provide insight into programs to assist pharmacists wishing to initiate or further develop their compounding practice.

Chair: Ken Thai, San Gabriel, CA

Developing Opportunities Committee

This committee will identify non-dispensing payment opportunities for pharmacies, how-to implement these opportunities into workflow, train staff, and how to work with relevant payers. The committee will focus on opportunities available to individual pharmacies, distinct from opportunities available as part of a network.

Chair: Ben McNabb, Eastland, TX

NCPA Committee on Long-Term Care

This committee provides insight into marketplace and regulatory opportunities and obstacles to pharmacists focused on senior care. The committee helps NCPA membership anticipate evolving trends affecting pharmacists and senior patients and suggests programs to assist in development programs that prepare pharmacists with tools needed to adapt to the changes. Additionally, the committee helps NCPA attract new members and sponsors to the LTC Division.

Chair: Steve Moore, Plattsburg, NY

NCPA Committee on National Legislation and Government Affairs

This committee is briefed on the national legislative issues affecting community pharmacy currently as well as those issues that are on the horizon. The committee provides their experience and leadership to these issues and helps the NCPA team with strategy development. The committee also uses their experience and contacts to assist the NCPA team in reaching out to key pharmacy legislative and regulatory influencers.

Chair: Jonathan Marquess, Marietta, GA

NCPA Committee on State Legislation and Regulation

This committee helps NCPA develop and sharpen its state advocacy strategy by contributing its experience, expertise, and contacts. The committee also helps NCPA to anticipate environmental changes taking place with state advocacy opportunities and issues and helps NCPA anticipate future trends before they impact community pharmacy owners and the patients they serve. Additionally, the committee helps NCPA identify legislation or regulation strategies needed to proactively expand business opportunities for community pharmacies in the changing healthcare environment.

Chair: Dared Price, Winfield, KS

NCPA Committee on Technology

This committee addresses current technologies used by community pharmacies and anticipates future technology needs that will position community pharmacy to be on the cutting edge of patient care and business success. They provide guidance on pharmacist development programs that will enable pharmacists to gain efficiencies and for interoperable communications with other healthcare providers.

Chair: Ashley Moose