NCPA Innovation Center/CPESN Community Pharmacy Fellowship


NCPA is focused on helping transform as many practices as possible, as quickly as possible to include diversified revenue opportunities through clinical services.

The NCPA Innovation Center/ CPESN Community Pharmacy Fellowship, sponsored by Good Neighbor Pharmacy, is an intensive 12-month training program open to all practicing pharmacists working at a CPESN® USA pharmacy. Enrollment for the 2021-2022 class ends July 31. CPESN pharmacies can specifically hire a fellow or enroll a current employee in the fellowship. The fellows would participate in regular discussion groups with their co-fellows, as well as, educational webinars on core topics led by a centralized faculty including luminaries and ACT faculty that instruct them how to implement clinical services. The tuition for this program is a one time payment of $7,500.

Core curriculum is divided into 3 groups:

  • Practice Transformation

  • Management

  • Patient Care

Fellows will also participate in electives that will explore topics like research, teaching, pharmacogenetics and DSME/DPP.

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Webinars and Podcasts

Good Neighbor Pharmacy Connect Podcast - NCPA Fellowship Program

Please join your host, Justin Baker as he takes a sneak peek behind the curtain of the inaugural NCPA Fellowship program. Justin is joined by Carlie Traylor, PharmD; Director of Strategic Initiatives and Student Affairs for the NCPA.

General Interest Meeting Recording and Slides

NCPA hosted a live interest meeting on June 30, 2021 to review the NCPA Innovation Center/CPESN Community Pharmacy Fellowship for those interested in joining or hosting a fellow in the 2021-2022 class starting this September. The meeting was led by program leaders and past participants who shared their experiences and participated in a Q&A session after the presentation. Click below to see the recording and slides.

Can you describe how this aligns with Flip the Pharmacy and would it be advantageous to have a fellow at a Flip the Pharmacy site?

Flip the pharmacyThe Community Pharmacy Fellowship is complementary with Flip the Pharmacy. The secret to success with enhanced services is matching the pharmacy’s capacity to provide the services with an individual’s talent to lead and implement them. Flip the Pharmacy helps the pharmacy create the capacity, while the Community Pharmacy Fellowship empowers the individual to serve the site as an implementer (change agent). I see the fellowship being a great opportunity for the pharmacy to take on that additional staff member and gain access to leading practitioners across the country in the process. Click here to watch Randy’s video addressing this question.

Meet the Faculty & Hear from Past Fellows

Joe Moose, Faculty

Matt Osterhaus, Faculty

Tripp Logan, Faculty

Karami Reed, Fellow

Brad Johnson, Fellow

Jessica Latham, Fellow

Dayna Wong-Otis, Fellow

Matthew Mitchell, Fellow

Paula Boettler, Fellow

Enrollment Form

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Interested in joining next year’s class? Send us an email at and we’d be happy to connect with you. Check back here in March 2022 for the new enrollment form.

Fellows FAQs

Who can enroll?

Licensed pharmacists practicing at a CPESN pharmacy in good standing with both their local network and CPESN USA.

Why should I participate?

Develop your ability to implement multiple clinical programs and workflows while expanding your professional network.

Click here to learn more and hear from past fellows.

What will the fellow do?

For a fellow working full time at the pharmacy: roughly 3.5 days would be dedicated to site directed work activities and 1.5 days would be dedicated to fellowship-directed work activities.

How long is the fellowship?

The fellowship lasts twelve months starting September 1 thru August 31. Orientation begins the last week of August.

What will the fellow learn throughout the year and how will they receive that education?

The fellow will receive regular online learning modules presented in dyads. A dyad is a recorded webinar paired with a live webinar led by CPESN luminaries and ACT faculty. Sessions would include topics like Implementation Science, Scaling the Appointment-based Model, and in addition to, updates on common chronic diseases (Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Asthma/COPD, Anxiety/Depression).

What are the requirements for the fellows?

  1. Pharmacist license in good standing

  2. Complete pre-fellowship self-assessment and have countersigned by the site (Note: This is included in the enrollment form linked above)

  3. In-Residence at CPESN Pharmacy at least 20 hours per week

  4. Attend regular fellowship webinars and discussion groups

  5. Execute fellowship-directed work activities

How do I get involved?

The enrollment period for the 2021-2022 class is now open thru July 31! See Enrollment Form linked above. Please contact NCPA at for any additional questions you may have

Is there a cost to participate?

Yes, the cost of tuition is a one time payment of $7,500 paid by the pharmacy.

Pharmacies FAQs

Why should I participate?

Grow your clinical programs and positively impact key performance indicators like care plan documentation, clinical measures taken, and patient screenings. All sites will receive CPESN progress reports customized to show growth in fellowship areas.

What are the requirements for the site?

  1. Provide a Letter of Recommendation from a local CPESN network that attests to the site being in good standing. (NOTE: this will be provided to you upon receipt of your enrollment form.)

  2. Provide employees with access to eCarePlan capable system for Pharmacy-based patient

  3. Provide Salary and Benefits and/or Contract Remuneration Directly to Fellow

  4. Protect at least 12 hours per week of the fellow’s time for fellowship-directed work activities

  5. Provide regular feedback to the fellow with more formal quarterly evaluations

  6. Provide a safe and adequate workspace and materials necessary for the Fellow to provide
    the Services, including sufficient technology to execute the Program.

  7. Inform your staff of the fellow’s role and ensure they are open to job description changes

How do I get involved?

The enrollment period for the 2020-2021 class is now open thru July 31! See Enrollment Form linked above. Please contact NCPA at for any additional questions you may have.

Is there a cost to participate?

Yes, the cost of tuition is a one time payment of $7,500 paid by the pharmacy.