Diversified Revenue Opportunities

Diversified Revenue Oppotunities

In today's ultra-competitive and rapidly changing health care environment, community pharmacists are looking for new ways to set themselves apart and offer value to their patients. Many pharmacists are offering differentiated products and services designed to attract new business and provide an alternative revenue stream. This section explores some of these opportunities.


340B Contract Pharmacy Services
Offers eligible safety net providers access to low cost medications, allowing them to expand care to the most vulnerable patient populations.

Administration of Long-Acting Injectables
Join a growing network of pharmacies and other healthcare facilities that are helping patients start and stay on their long-acting therapy.

Clinical Trials
Pharmacists have become an important channel for education about clinical trial participation.

There are numerous resources available about compounding including how to make it work in your business and how to comply with the myriad of laws and regulations.

Expanding Diabetes Care Prevention Services—Self-Management Training and Therapeutic Shoes and Inserts
Unrealized opportunities exist for pharmacists to impact margins by expanding diabetes care services beyond testing supplies.

Front-End Overhaul
How small changes can translate into big profits in your front end AND Rx.

Health Screenings
Help your patients know their numbers and provide an easy entrée into other pharmacy services.

Hospice Services
The Social Security Act require hospice programs to provide individuals under hospice care with drugs and biologicals related to the palliation and management of the terminal illness as defined in the hospice plan of care

The number one patient care service offered by community pharmacy.

Lab Testing
By integrating Ulta Lab Tests' innovative services within community pharmacies, customers can order select low-priced lab tests without the need to obtain a prescription from a local physician.Enable your patient’s access to hundreds of lab tests through a co-branded website.

Pets Need Meds Too!
Offering pet medications including special compounded formulations as well as other pet care products is a great way to help differentiate your pharmacy.

Pharmacogenomics has increasingly become an area of interest to clinicians because of the potential to tailor pharmacotherapy based on genetic variations in patients.

Point of Care (POC) Testing
Involves performing a diagnostic test to aid in disease screening, diagnosis, and/or patient monitoring.

Prescriber Collaboration
Pharmacists can increase patient access to care, decrease the overall number of hospitalizations, improve patient outcomes, and reduce total net health care spend.

Preventative Health

LTC Senior Friendly Pharmacy Design, Caregiver Support & ADL Supplies
Readily accessible senior care services and supplies encourage elder patients and their caregivers to patronize pharmacies that offer access to tools and services that allow them to age in place in their communities.

Smoking Cessation Services
The decision to quit smoking can be a daunting one. Pharmacists are an important resource for helping patients deal with this challenging health issue.

Specialty Pharmacy
Specialty is the fastest growing segment of the pharmacy industry. More than 40 percent of the drugs currently under development are specialty drugs, according to the National Center for Policy Analysis.

Transitions of Care
Transitions of care is one of the hottest topics across health care as hospitals face mounting penalties from CMS based on readmission rates and health systems transition into new payment models focused on reducing high-cost care and improving overall patient outcomes.

Travel Health
Provides a natural expansion to your immunization portfolio. Pharmacists can offer services both before and after the patient’s travels to ensure quality of care and to achieve the most opportunities to make medication recommendations.

Ulta Lab Tests
Give your customers and patients access to hundreds of comprehensive health screenings and lab tests that are available without a prescription 24 hours a day, seven days a week through the co–branded website that Ulta Lab Tests provides to your pharmacy.

Weight Management
Community pharmacists are uniquely positioned to help patients improve their overall health by offering medically sound weight loss solutions

Women's Health
Comprehensive Contraceptive Education and Certification, an online certification course, is now available for pharmacists practicing in participating states. The course prepares pharmacists to take on this new duty of prescribing hormonal birth control.

Wound Care
Pharmacists can be an excellent source of information for individuals seeking guidance regarding wound care products.