NCPA Innovation CenterThe NCPA Innovation Center is a supporting organization of NCPA whose mission is to further assist and accelerate the evolution of independent community pharmacies in the changing health care environment. Currently, these changes include:

  • Value-based care delivery through the clinically integrated network (CPESN®)

  • A growing focus on value and quality-based payments and declining product reimbursements

  • The integration of health care provider teams including pharmacists

  • An increase in consumer-driven health care

  • An increase in the services that can be provided in a community pharmacy setting

  • The influence of the digitalization of health care and business



The Ownership Academy is a "go-to" resource for NCPA members in all phases of community ownership—from exploring the community pharmacy path as a student to tools assisting in pharmacy purchase, enhancing practice and profitability as an owner, and transitioning out of ownership into retirement.

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Front-End Overhaul

NCPA senior director of store operations and marketing and wearer of red sneakers Gabe Trahan draws upon his 40+ years of pharmacy management experience to offer merchandising tips and ideas to help you increase business and foot traffic at your pharmacy.

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Diversified Revenue Opportunities

In today's ultra-competitive and rapidly changing health care environment, community pharmacists are looking for new ways to set themselves apart and offer value to their patients. Many pharmacists are offering differentiated products and services designed to attract new business and provide an alternative revenue stream. This section explores some of these opportunities.

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Adherence/Simplify My Meds®

Simplify My Meds® is a turnkey adherence program developed for the exclusive use of NCPA members. The program provides pharmacies with tools and training to implement a medication synchronization program.

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