Business Education

Business Education

Saturday, Oct. 9

NCPA LTC Business Summit

Take 5!

9 Vitamin and Supplement Recommendations You Should be Making

Expanding the Role of Technicians: An Expert Panel

COVID Relief, Taxes, Employment Law, and Your Business in 60 Minutes

Ancillary Staff Roles for Enhanced Service Delivery

DME: Your Next Front-End Superstar

The Cure to Misinformation – Empowering Your Patients with Knowledge

Leveraging the Critical Role that Public Health Plays in Expanding Scope

Point-of-Care Testing (Beyond COVID-19)

Operations Under the Microscope: Increasing Efficiencies, Decreasing Waste

Taking Charge with Technology: Enhancing your Existing Appointment Models

The Medical at Home Value Proposition

Eliminating the Middleman: Building a Cost-Plus, Insurance-Free Pharmacy

Medical Billing … Foot in the Door?

Acquiring New LTC Business

Become a Recruitment and Retention Rockstar

Sunday, Oct. 10

NCPA LTC Business Summit

Take 5!

NCPA Legal Wins and Leading the Charge on PBM Policing in the States

Getting Started in LTC with Chronic Care Management and Annual Wellness Visits

Doctor Detailing, Simplified

New Drugs and Clinical Pearls 2021

Building Your Online Presence

Monday, Oct. 11

Take 5!

Pharmacy Trends and Leveraging the Disruption

Front-End Product Opportunities (Non-CE): Part I

Opioid-Related Services: Real-life Strategies for Incorporating into Workflow

Emergency Preparedness: What You Need to Know and Hope You Never Need

Tuesday, Oct. 12

Disruptive Leadership: Coaching Your Team in the New Era of Uncertainty

Specialty Pharmacy Summit: Demystifying Specialty’s Role in Community Pharmacy (Sponsored by Inovalon)

The 3 Audit Triggers You Can’t Afford to Miss

The Future of the Front End

Demystifying Concierge: The Pharmacist Will See You Now

Precepting Pearls: Tools for Building a Win-Win Rotation Experience

From Vaccination to Valued Customer