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Oct. 12-13

Business of Long-Term Care Workshop

Hyatt Plaza Ballroom F

Get answers to your burning questions on starting a long-term care service, operationalizing medical-at-home, and growing your LTC footprint during the Business of Long-Term Care Workshop. Whether you are a pharmacy owner, manager or team member, this intensive crash course on owning and operating an LTC pharmacy will show you what you need to know to grow your offering from a few to a few thousand beds.

Walk away with:

  • A customized workbook specific to your market area, competition, local regulations, and more.

  • A step-by-step guide for offering medical-at-home services.

  • An understanding of the LTC continuum and differentiating services, including medical-at-home.

  • A how-to guide for understanding LTC regulations, contracting for services, and establishing an efficient workflow.

  • Marketing strategies for winning new business and meeting LTC facility needs.

  • The fundamentals needed to run a profitable LTC pharmacy.

Oct. 12-13

Pharmacy Ownership Workshop

Hyatt Ballroom A

Are you a current owner looking to polish your management skills? Or is ownership still just a dream? Either way, the Pharmacy Ownership Workshop, sponsored by McKesson, is the program for you. Our team of experts answers the nitty-gritty questions about; the loan approval process, licensure agreements, creating a start-up checklist, writing a business plan, and much more. In short, you’'ll learn what it takes to run a successful pharmacy or even pharmacies.

Walk away with:

  • Expert guidance on critical business issues.

  • Insights into how the most successful pharmacy owners operate.

  • A how-to guide for creating a financial analysis, adhering to legal requirements, and applying for a loan when buying a pharmacy.

  • Best practices and “lessons learned” from peers in community pharmacy.

  • Store layout and niche ideas that will boost your profit margins.

Oct. 13

Pharmacy Inside-Out

Hyatt Florida Ballroom C

This brand new one-day event, co-taught in a unique format for synergistic learning by six influential community pharmacists, will help you revamp your pharmacy’s focus from the inside out! Learn to perform basic operations at optimum efficiency, start and market new services inside your pharmacy, and collaborate on new profitable revenue streams outside your pharmacy. Come and discover the recipes for the secret sauce of a successful business.

Oct. 14

Pharmacy-Based Point-of-Care Test and Treat National Certificate Program

W222 at the convention center

NOTE: The NASPA Pharmacy-Based Point-of-Care Test and Treat National Certificate Program does not meet the requirements of the Florida Board of Pharmacy’s rules for Test and Treat certification or continuing education programs for Florida pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. Florida pharmacy teams, please click here for more information on the FL training.

Point-of-care testing is a natural niche and a critical component of your service revenue model moving forward. The Pharmacy-Based Point-of-Care Test and Treat National Certificate Program provides an opportunity to gain the skills and information necessary to develop a testing program for coronaviruses, influenza, Group A Streptococcus, HIV, and Hepatitis C. Get the nuts-and-bolts on how to establish a thriving community pharmacy-based POCT program.

Walk away with:

  • Clinical knowledge of how to assess and administer POCT and refer as needed.

  • Resources for establishing a profitable POCT program.

  • Practical tools to develop collaborative relationships with prescribers in the community.

  • A certificate in providing POCT in the pharmacy.