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If you're a new student member, we want you to know that our NCPA Student Chapters are where all the action happens. Your chapter is the best place to get plugged in and to start making an impact. If you see something here that your chapter hasn't started yet, ask your advisor or chapter president if you can be the person to get that idea up and running.

If you're a chapter officer, we have a ton of resources available to help you successfully run your chapter. We suggest starting with the Chapter Operations Manual and going from there.

If your school or college of pharmacy doesn't have an NCPA chapter, we can help you start one. Scroll to the bottom of this page for more information.

How to Find Your Chapter Roster

NCPA Fall 2021 Student Chapter Officer Training

Chapter Operations Manual

Welcome to your one-stop shop for chapter operations information. This manual was prepared to help you as a chapter officer orient your chapter members to NCPA and its benefits and opportunities. It contains important deadlines for scholarships, awards, and reports, and it can help you identify new programs and initiatives to start at your chapter. This manual is updated annually, so make sure to download this manual regularly.

Student Operations and Sustainability Manual

Annual Update

Chapter leadership changes every year, and we need your help to keep our records up-to-date. Each chapter advisor or chapter president should fill out the Annual Chapter Update before the start of each new school year.

End of the Year Report Template

If your chapter has a change in structure or leadership in the middle of the school year, you can email NCPA Student Affairs to update your chapter's information.

Additional Resources

Need more information on NCPA Student Chapter projects and programs? Check out these handy links: