Student Chapter Presentation Opportunities

Show Me, A NCPA Project

Show Me is a video series styled after popular TV makeover shows, only these stars are real pharmacists who need help getting a certain aspect of their business on track. After calling NCPA for help, the struggling pharmacists get a visit from one of their colleagues, a pharmacist who’s had success with their clinical programs. Click here to watch the episodes and share with your school!

NCPA Student Leadership Council Chapter Visit

Hear from your Region representatives and NCPA staff about the benefits of student membership and updates on all things NCPA Students! Email [email protected] or reach out to your Region Representative to schedule.

PCCA School Visits

Interested in hearing more about the wonderful world of compounding? PCCA offers the unique opportunity to have a representative speak to your NCPA Student Chapter to help educate students on compounding and promote further student training. Help open students' eyes to how pharmacists can meet patient needs through this unique area in pharmacy.
If this is something of interest to your chapter, please email Dr. Bindhu Batra for more details and she would be happy to coordinate a virtual visit.

Pharmacists Mutual Free Presentation Opportunity

If you need fresh content for your chapter meetings, school events, or just want more information on the nitty-gritty of pharmacy practice and management, Pharmacists Mutual offers in-person campus presentations or virtual presentations on medication claims, risk management techniques, and professional liability. Find more information here, and reach out to Don McGuire or Kristen Jones to schedule a date.