Jeff Scott, RPh


PHARMACY: Owner, Cheek & Scott Pharmacy, with
locations in Live Oak, Lake City, and Jasper, Fla.

AGE: 52

FAMILY: Married to Melody; seven children, Anda,
Jason, Arvis, AnnMarie, Aaron, Jakeb, and Joy, who
range in age from 18 to 28.

EDUCATION: University of Georgia College of
Pharmacy, 1991.

STARTED EARLY: Jeff's dad, Allison, was a pharmacist.
Jeff started working at Cheek & Scott when he was 13.
He swept floors, filled vials – "all the nasty jobs,"
Jeff says with a laugh.

DAD'S INFLUENCE: Jeff followed in his dad's
footsteps. "Dad brainwashed me," he jokes, adding
that he decided to be a pharmacist because he
was impressed by how much his father was
respected and the way he helped people.
His father is now retired from the pharmacy
and serves as his son's "No. 1 consultant."

PHARMACY PASSION: Jeff gets excited
about innovation. Cheek & Scott recently
earned accreditation to offer diabetes training
for Medicare beneficiaries. The pharmacy will use
Zoom video conferencing to teach the classes.
"With Zoom, we're not limited to time and space.
It will be profitable, and it will help people."

COVID-19 LESSONS: "We bought thousands of
masks and cases of hand gel. And it was gone in a

NCPA'S VALUE TO ME: "NCPA is a tremendous
resource. The conventions, the networking ... if it's
something as simple as 'Can we do a COVID-19 test?'
we look to NCPA for the answer."