John Gross, RPh

John GrossPHARMACY: Owner, J. Gross Pharmacy Group, based in Farwell, Mich. Includes five pharmacies in Clare, Farwell, Harrison, Flint and Swartz Creek, Mich.

AGE: 54

FAMILY: Wife, Lisa Gross; sons, J.D., 29, Josh, 27, Jacob, 24; daughter, Becca, 20; four grandchildren. The Gross family recently added three grandchildren in a four-month span.

EDUCATION: B.S. Pharmacy, Ferris State University College of Pharmacy, 1992.

SOLID STATE: Executive director and founder, Michigan Independent Pharmacy Association, Michigan Pharmacists Association's 2020 Pharmacist of the Year Award, American Pharmacies' 2021 Advocacy Leadership Award.

PATH TO OWNERSHIP: John's parents were small-business owners, but he didn't aspire to that until he realized that as a chain-drug pharmacist, he couldn't provide the type of service he believed his patients deserved. His first impression of ownership: "Fun and interesting, but scary!"

PHARMACY PASSION: John has a couple of guiding passions. First is patient care. Second is advocacy.

CAPTIVE AUDIENCE: He invited a legislator to play in a local golf scramble with him. "It was good PR for him in the district and I got to spend four hours with him in a golf cart."

NCPA'S VALUE TO ME: "It's a great resource and spokesperson for the pharmacy profession. And every day, NCPA is improving the profession, advocating for legislation that moves us toward prescriptive authority. I've come to realize that being a member is more valuable, the more you use it. I don't think people use nearly all that's available to them. I browse the website and always find new things."