Amanda Harmon, PharmD


PHARMACY: Gates Pharmacy in Mount Airy, N.C.

Amanda Harmon

AGE: 44

FAMILY: Married to Frank Harmon, three children, Ella, Will and Tyler

EDUCATION: Campbell University College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences, 2000.

FINDING MENTORS: After finding herself working in a small-town pharmacy in high school, Amanda found a mentor who introduced her to the world of pharmacy. He might have sold his pharmacy but he inspired a love of the profession during her time there.

TAKING CARE: Amanda says she loves working with her older patients to help keep them healthy. More complicated patients don’t scare her off, they just give her a chance to show the difference a pharmacist can make.

SELF CARE: When not optimizing medications, Amanda is an active member of her church and sometimes graces everyone by singing and playing the organ.

NCPA'S VALUE TO ME: "NCPA brings people together. It really brings out the best pharmacists and when you bring the best pharmacists together, they come up with the best ideas to help independent pharmacies."