Shantel Houston, PharmD

Shantel Houston, PharmDPHARMACY: Clinical coordinator, Premier Pharmacy & Wellness Center, Charlotte, N.C.

AGE: 28

EDUCATION: University of South Florida Health Taneja College of Pharmacy, 2018.

WIDE WORLD OF PHARMACY: Pharmacy appealed to her because it’s all about problemsolving, which is one of her strengths. “We’re firefighters. We solve problems all day long.”

A CIRCUITOUS ROUTE: : Shantel’s journey from Florida to North Carolina took a detour in Alexandria, Va. She was an intern at NCPA in 2016. From there, she did an internship at Moose Pharmacy in Concord, N.C.

INDEPENDENT LADY: Her internships at NCPA and Moose Pharmacy convinced her that her heart was in community pharmacy. “I think at independent pharmacies, you can give your patients that extra level of care they won’t get at a chain pharmacy. We make an investment in the patient.”

PHARMACY PASSION: For Shantel, it’s all about relationships. She loves having conversations with patients when they come in. They’re like family to us, and when that’s the case, you are building trust and you get a better outcome,” she says. “The relationship has a value you can’t put a number on.”

BEING A ROLE MODEL: As a young African American woman in pharmacy, Shantel believes that she sets an example. “It’s important for patients to see a pharmacist who looks like them. I want people to feel that they can do it too.” She hasn’t found that her youth is a barrier to dealing with older patients. “They look past my age. They just appreciate the knowledge.”

NCPA’S VALUE TO ME: “NCPA is the foundation to everything I’m doing now.”