Denise Conway, RPh

DenisePHARMACY: Owner, Conway's Eastside Pharmacy, Mount Vernon, Ohio, and Conway's Danville Pharmacy, Danville, Ohio.

AGE: 46

FAMILY: Married for 22 years to Kevin Conway. He's co-owner of the two pharmacies in addition to his career as a mechanical engineer with Ariel Corp. Daughter, Ella, 18; son, Andrew, 15.

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, Ohio Northern University College of Pharmacy, 2000.

INDEPENDENT STREAK : In high school, Denise worked in a pharmacy owned by a family friend. She liked the combination of working in the medical field and working closely with the public. She worked at the pharmacy until she was hired as a staff pharmacist and stayed there until she opened her own pharmacy with colleagues. She's been a solo owner for five years.

PHARMACY PASSION: "The opportunity to go into the community and collaborate. There's much more pharmacists can do than fill prescriptions! I love networking and talking to health care partners. And I love to get to know my patients and small talk with them."

VACCINE VICTORY: Denise's two locations eliminated pharmacy deserts in their communities. She and her resident at the time, Myriam Shaw Ojeda, worked closely with the Ohio Pharmacists Association and the Ohio Department of Health to develop a robust and successful COVID-19 vaccine program.

NCPA'S VALUE TO ME: She could ramble on forever on that. Attending conventions and meetings allows her to gain a vast amount of knowledge. "You meet successful, passionate people who motivate you to further your career."