Beverly Schaefer, RPh


PHARMACY: Co-owner, Katterman's Sand Point Pharmacy, Seattle

FAMILY: Married to Michael; two children, Katie and John

EDUCATION: University of Washington School of Pharmacy.

SHORTEST RESUME AROUND: Beverly went to work at Katterman's as a student. Her title? Delivery girl. She got the job because the delivery vehicle had a stick shift, and she could drive it. It is the only place she has ever worked. After pharmacy school, she worked alongside owner Don Katterman. Katterman died suddenly in 1982. In 1996, she decided she was ready to buy the store.

BLAZING THE TRAIL: In October, Beverly received the first Sharlea Leatherwood Memorial Trailblazer Award. The award is especially meaningful to Beverly because she knew Leatherwood well and learned from her. "She was persistent. And she had the most gorgeous smile. That's something I learned from her. Always smile when you're asking difficult questions."

PHARMACY PASSION: Patient care. Beverly considers herself a health coach and strategist. In this role, she influences her patients' health care decisions.

ROLE OF THE PHARMACIST: Pharmacists are not only the most accessible health care providers in their community, "we're also the most underutilized," she says. "Our patients need us. When all else fails, you go to the pharmacy."

NCPA'S VALUE TO ME: "NCPA provides me with access to a fabulous cadre of colleagues I can use to steal good ideas."