The 2022 NICE Awards

2022 NICE Awards

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The NCPA Innovation Center is on the lookout for the innovations and redesigns that have made your promotions more effective and your patients’ experience more rewarding. Tell us what makes your independent pharmacy stand out!

Now accepting nominations for the following award categories*:

  • Best External Modification: From landscaping and paint jobs to added or revamped drive-thru windows to entire rebuilds, how did you improve your curb appeal?
  • Best Internal Modification: Maybe you added a consult or vaccine room? Maybe you widened the aisles? Maybe you created a new department? Whatever your remodel project, how did it enhance your image and sales?
  • Best Exterior Sign: Roadside signs draw attention to your store. Have a new one you're proud of? Enter it to see if it's the best of the best.
  • Best Delivery Vehicle: Are you riding in style? Toot your own horn and show off your delivery vehicle.
  • Best Marketing/Promotion: How did you attract new customers? Tell us about the great promotion you ran that you want to tell everyone else about.
  • Best Community Engagement: Community pharmacists are great at getting out from behind the counter to participate in local events to deepen connections with their patients and customers. Bring us your best story and we may just bring you a NICE Award.

*Enter in as many categories as you like. The contest honors remodels, promotions, and events completed between Dec. 1, 2020 and Dec. 1, 2021.

To submit an entry, click the Apply Here button below. Deadline for entries is Dec. 1, 2021. We will recognize the winning entries in the March 2022 issue of America’s Pharmacist®.

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The 2021 NICE Awards

The NCPA Innovation Center spotlights the best of community pharmacy branding and marketing — the innovations and redesigns that have made promotions more effective and patients’ experiences more rewarding.

McCoy Tygart Drug

COVID-19 Best External Modification

McCoy Tygart Drug
Sheridan, AR
"Because we are in a strip mall, we installed a drive thru tent/awning in the parking lot for our customers. We hired 10 college students as "runners" who would take the orders and deliver the meds to our patients in the parking lot. They averaged walking 10-15 miles a day! We gained new customers who transferred from a big box store just because they felt safer with our store front closed and limited contact."

COVID-19 Best Internal Remodel

COVID-19 Best Internal Remodel

Medi-Wise Pharmacy
Newcomerstown, Ohio
“Our "RONA"vation occurred when our retail store front was closed for 6 months due to COVID-19. We relocated and resized all departments in our 5,800 sq ft retail store to have a new layout and colors in a 2,500 sq ft space. We moved our DME department to make way for a 1,200 sq ft dedicated space for our pharmacy clinic. The new displays and shelving have received rave reviews from our customers since we reopened October 1st; many stating that it looked like a brand new store. Our merchandising changes have our regular shoppers browsing more and buying more! We can't wait until more customers feel comfortable to shop inside with the COVID-19 pandemic, rather than use our drive-up window, so they can see our improvements.”

Webb’s Family Pharmacy

Best Exterior Sign

Webb’s Family Pharmacy
Rochester, Indiana
“We completed an historic renovation of our Rochester location façade in March of 2018. The exterior Pharmacy sign was the finishing touch. After attending one of Gabe's marketing workshops, I decided to have a sign designed that said Pharmacy in bold white letters and I minimized my logo. The concept for the arrow came from looking at a lot of old historic signs. Hard to say if the sign or the entire facade remodel was the biggest factor, but our front store sales increased substantially after the project and the front-end sales have continued to hold.”

Nice delivery

Best Delivery Vehicle

Happy Druggist-Mechanicsburg
Mechanicsburg, Ohio
“A staff member overheard me offering delivery and told me they only delivered to certain people and only in town. I ordered a car right away from the local dealership and established a delivery area (much larger than just in the small rural village of Mechanicsburg OHIO). NCPA-Gabe Trahan gave me excellent advice on what signage to put on the car. The decals only cost $400 for design work and installation! What a great investment. Our delivery business has doubled in the past 2 months since we put the car in service September 2020. I'm excited about the future.”

Best Marketing/Promotion

Best Marketing/Promotion

Norland Avenue Pharmacy
Chambersburg, PA
“When the COVID-19 pandemic caused our guests to quarantine and forced us shut our doors, we focused on staying connected through social media. Our owner and a few other employees did regular Facebook live videos. Several of those videos had over 1.5K views. Some videos were educational, some sales focused, and some just for fun. We also adjusted our offering according to our guests needs. We carried masks of all types, made our own hand sanitizer in our compounding lab, and offered free delivery to everyone. In May, we promoted and sold Gratitude Gift Bags for first responders. When the weather permitted, we set up an outdoor store alongside our drive-thru lane. This allowed guests using our drive-thru to choose masks, puzzles, flags, gloves, sanitizer, and more from the safety of their car.