Study shows mail-order drugs drive up costs

NCPA June 26, 2024

Last week, the New York Times published the first in what it says is a series investigating PBM business practices. This week, the Wall Street Journal is getting in on the action. “Drugs delivered by mail are costing multiples more than those picked up at a store counter,” reports WSJ’s Jared S. Hopkins, which is raising employers’ spending. “Markups were as much as 35 times higher than what other pharmacies charged, according to a recent analysis of millions of prescriptions in Washington state.” The study was commissioned by the Washington State Pharmacy Association. NCPA’s position on mail-order pharmacy has been clear for decades, and consumers, employers and public health officials should consider the potential risks before they allow PBM-insurers to steer patients into mail order. This Washington study can be a valuable tool when advocating for policies to protect patients, employers and taxpayers from the super-predators inflicting so much harm.