Supreme Court hears arguments in PBM case

NCPA October 6, 2020

If you missed Tuesday’s oral arguments in Rutledge v. PCMA, listen to them here. Here’s a video where NCPA CEO Douglas Hoey, APA’s John Vinson, APhA’s Scott Knoer, and NASPA’s Rebecca Snead, along with Tiffany Wright, a distinguished Washington attorney and former Supreme Court clerk, react to the arguments. You don’t want to miss this 28-minute analysis. And finally, here’s a quick one-page read about Tuesday’s arguments.

We’ve used a lot of words to describe PBMs over the years: secretive, greedy, opaque, unfair, and manipulative, to name a few. But on Tuesday, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts gave us a new one – “Byzantine.” Dust off your history books, and you’ll remember that this era referred to Turkey in the Middle Ages. It means “excessively complicated, and typically involving a great deal of administrative detail.” Good sign? We won’t know for a couple of months.

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