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Battleground SCOTUS: Post Argument Analysis

Attorneys for the State of Arkansas, the US Solicitor General’s Office, and PCMA battled it out in oral arguments before the US Supreme Court on Oct. 6, 2020 in the landmark Rutledge v PCMA case. Eight justices heard the arguments and peppered both sides with questions. NCPA’s B. Douglas Hoey, APA’s John Vinson, APhA’s Scott Knoer, and NASPA’s Rebecca Snead reacted to the case. They also sat with Tiffany Wright, a distinguished Washington, DC attorney and former Supreme Court clerk, who broke down the arguments and the justices’ questions. You don’t want to miss her analysis in the video below.

Now that case has been heard, we wait for a decision. NCPA will continue to monitor the case and provide updates here. There are other important cases working their way through the courts, and there will be lots more legislative activity in Congress and the states on which NCPA will be leading the fight. We need your help, so please consider making a donation to the NCPA Legislative/Legal Defense Fund.


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