NCPA Puts New Twist on Education with Reality TV Series “Show Me”

Five-part video series follows real pharmacists as they try to start or improve immunizations

NCPA October 3, 2022

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (Oct. 3, 2022) – They’re not eating bugs. There won’t be a wedding. Nobody’s getting kicked off the island. But there will be a buzz, at least among pharmacists, when the National Community Pharmacists Association’s new educational reality series, “Show Me,” debuts this October.

The NCPA Innovation Center announced the project, which is sponsored by Pfizer, at the NCPA Annual Convention this week in Kansas City. It’s a video series styled after popular TV makeover shows, only these stars are real pharmacists who need help getting a certain aspect of their business on track. This season the subject is immunizations.

“We wanted to do something different, something that would be fun, something that can be shared, and something that pharmacists will talk about,” said B. Douglas Hoey, NCPA CEO. “It’s an educational series that tells a story, and we think that makes it interesting.”

This season features five pharmacists who are struggling with an immunization program that they can’t get off the ground, or market effectively, or figure out a way to make profitable. After calling NCPA for help, the struggling pharmacists get a visit from one of their colleagues, a pharmacist from somewhere else in the country who’s doing it well.

“We think our members will connect with the show because they’ll see themselves in it,” said Hoey. “These are real pharmacists with real challenges getting help from other pharmacists who have already made the mistakes, worked out the kinks, and are now successful.”

Most pharmacists were doing immunizations long before COVID, but the pandemic sent that trend into hyperdrive. It’s a critical public health service and potentially a way for pharmacists to generate revenue while filling primary care gaps. Showing pharmacists how to expand beyond filling prescriptions is a major strategic goal for NCPA and the main inspiration for the series.

“This season it’s about immunizations. Next season we’ll focus on another aspect of health care in which there is a clear public benefit, and a clear growth opportunity for community pharmacists,” said Hoey.

NCPA today is releasing trailers for the first two episodes, which will premiere in the coming weeks on NCPA’s various internet platforms including its website and YouTube channel, NCPAvids. Follow @commpharmacy for updates and sneak previews.

NCPA is actively soliciting ideas and sponsors for the next series. Interested pharmacists, industry professionals, and companies should contact


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