DIR Hangover Resources

The Medicare Part D Final Rule goes into effect starting Jan. 1, 2024. DIR changes could have a major impact on your pharmacy and put you in a hangover.

DIR Hangover Survey

This is a NCPA member survey to gather information on independent pharmacy financial status related to the January 1, 2024, implementation of the CMS DIR rule, requiring all pharmacy price concessions (aka DIR fees) to be assessed at point of sale, therefore letting pharmacies know their lowest possible reimbursement at point of sale.

NCPA has been educating members to prepare for a possible "DIR Hangover" period, where lower point of sale Part D payments, coupled with 2023 DIR fees, could lead to financial stress for independent pharmacies.

This is your opportunity to inform NCPA of your pharmacy's current financial situation. Please keep your answers focused on your Medicare Part D prescriptions and patients.

Higher up-front DIR fees coupled with lower patient copays can cause financial pain in Q1 and Q2. See our resources below to see how to ease the pain and stay ahead of the game.

Podcasts & One-Pagers

DIR Hangover

NCPA’s John Beckner, RPh, and Ronna Hauser, PharmD, SVP of Policy and Pharmacy Affairs, cover the DIR hangover and its impact on community pharmacies.

Independent Rx Forum - DIR Changes

This episode features Ronna Hauser of the National Community Pharmacists Association and Ollin and Scotty Sykes, accountants from Sykes & Company, who discuss DIR changes.

Independent Rx Forum - Preparing for DIR Fee Changes

DIR changes are coming at us fast. Be sure to listen to this information-packed edition of Independent Rx Forum, our national podcast focused on independent pharmacy issue. NCPA's Ronna Hauser is joined by NCPA CEO Douglas Hoey and pharmacy owners Tripp Logan and Scott Pace to discuss upcoming changes to DIR fees. You’ll need to be prepared for these changes, and this podcast will help you get there.


Financial Tips for Treating the DIR Hangover

Practical Tips for Preventing the DIR Hangover

Even More Tips for Owners in the DIR Hangover

Revenue Generators

Community Pharmacy Fellowship
Grow your non-PBM revenue streams by enrolling in the NCPA Innovation Center/CPESN® Community Pharmacy Fellowship. If you thought the fellowship was just for new graduates then we’ve got exciting news for you, this program is for ANY pharmacist practicing at a community pharmacy.

CPESN incorporates innovation and technology to empower its networks of pharmacies to succeed in an evolving outcomes marketplace.

Diversified Revenue Opportunities
In today's ultra-competitive and rapidly changing health care environment, community pharmacists are looking for new ways to set themselves apart and offer value to their patients.

Show Me
Show Me is a video series styled after popular TV makeover shows, only these stars are real pharmacists who need help getting a certain aspect of their business on track.

Check out the March 2023 issue of America's Pharmacist to read: Finding Relief from the DIR Hangover.

Additional issues of America's Pharmacist are available here.

Access the March 2023 issue

Advocacy Webinars

Upcoming Webinars:

DIR Detox: Technical Tips on Transparent DIR | December 12, 2023, 8pm ET

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Miss a prior webinar? Previous one-hour webinars discussing topical information for pharmacists and pharmacy owners is available below.

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  • Advocacy Updates: Introduction to New Contract Trends for FY24 and the DIR Hangover

  • Advocacy Updates: Financial Tips to Treat the DIR Hangover

  • Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You: Preparing for the DIR Hangover, DSCSA, and Other Regulatory Items That Should Be On Your 2023 Pharmacy Checklist