Creating Health: On-Demand – Coming Soon!

Creating Health

Obesity is the symptom of the body adapting and adjusting to its current culture and environment. Medication, genetics, culture? How can we help our patients? How can we help ourselves? Dr. Kathy Campbell, a community pharmacist owner, has built a business helping patients in her community stop the biochemical chaos and lose weight. Dr. Kathy breaks down the pieces of this complete puzzle and how your pharmacy can improve your bottom line with a biochemistry-based weight management program.

Walk away with:

  • A clinical understanding of the biochemical drivers of weight management (hormones, medications and nutrition).

  • The six critical components for implementing a cash-based lifestyle and weight management program.

  • Cash services and products that complement a lifestyle and weight management program.

  • Tactics for engaging in empowering and impactful conversations with patients regarding weight.

October 16, 2020 – Nashville TN

Check back here for the latest information. Have questions about Creating Health or interested in having a Creating Health workshop in your area? Contact Elise Damman, PharmD at