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Establishing a diabetes education program in a community pharmacy can be a rewarding venture, both financially and professionally. Pharmacy teams can expand their role by becoming accredited DSME providers, which is required for reimbursement by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Only two organizations, the Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists and the American Diabetes Association are authorized by CMS to grant accreditation or recognition. Each organization has a formal application process and once accredited, providers must submit annual reports and renewals to maintain accreditation.

Updated every five years, the National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support provide guidelines for operating a DSMES program. Click here to read the 2022 Standards.

Making DSME Profitable

OnDemand Resources

September 2023 - Understanding the Role of Glucose
Understanding the differences between each type of CGM and how to apply the sensors to helping patients use the data given to them.  Link to Course

April 2023 - Maximizing DSME: Effective Strategies for Prescriber Marketing and Patient Recruitment
How to communicate the unique benefits of your program, reach new patients, and build strong relationships with other health care providers in your community.  Link to Course

January 2023 - Best Practices for Delivering Diabetes Self-Management Education
From identifying patients and securing provider referrals to offering group education and billing for the service, learn more about best practices for delivering DSME in a community pharmacy.  Link to Course

Oct 2022 – Sweet Opportunities! Maximizing Value With Your Diabetes Education
Learn more about a great opportunity to help you to reap the benefits from the diabetes education you're probably already providing your patients.

June 2022 – Realizing the Opportunity to Bill for Diabetes Education: Q&A forum
During this non-CE Q&A session, Travis Wolff, PharmD, answers questions about diabetes education accreditation, billing, referrals, and more. Link to Video.

May 2022 - Billing for Diabetes Education Just Got Easier, CE webinar
The 2022 National Standards for DSME have been updated to reflect current-day practice, making it easier than ever to provide education for patients with diabetes. You’ll learn about these changes and more, so you can determine if establishing an accredited DSME program in your pharmacy is right for you. Link to course

Jan 2022 - Billing for Diabetes Education 101, non-CE Q&A
During this non-CE Q&A, Travis Wolff, PharmD answers our members’ most pressing questions about DSME. Link to video

Dec 2021 - Billing for Diabetes Education 101, CE Webinar
Get a comprehensive overview of the DSME program. You’ll learn about what it takes to become an accredited pharmacy and how you can earn potential revenue for your business. Link to course