Kathy Campbell, PharmD

Dr. Kathy'DrKathy’ received her BS in Zoology and BS in Pharmacy from the University of Oklahoma in 1992. She later received her Doctorate of Pharmacy in 2005. Kathy has been practicing clinical community pharmacy in Owasso, Oklahoma since 1992 and has owned and operated Medicap Pharmacy in Owasso with her husband Royce since 2001. She has developed an appointment-based pharmacy practice specializing in endocrinology and preventative health.

As a lifelong entrepreneur and problem solver, DrKathy has responded to the crisis in health by creating innovative programs to create health for her patients and health for the pharmacy industry. Through DrKathy Weight Loss, she has developed an innovative, pharmacy-based platform for addressing lifestyle and weight management. Her most recent endeavor is educating patients. DrKathy’s passion for creating a culture of health continues to act as a catalyst for the work that she does educating both patients and pharmacists on innovative methods for addressing current health crises.