Why Attend

What Previous Attendees are Saying

"WOW! This program allows pharmacists to sell you time and expertise in a clinical way to the general public. If we are the most accessible health care professional, then we need to be marketing directly to the consumer in order to impact public health and individual lives." — Kim Robbins, Oct. 2019

"I see this program as the future of our profession. This fits into what I am planning to implement in our pharmacy practice. Thank you for providing this to us. Let's keep the conversation going." — Tim Mitchell, Oct. 2019

"Dr. Kathy's program far exceeded my expectations. Weight loss is not just about eating less and exercising more, as I had previously thought. It is much more complex. Dr. Kathy introduced the importance of recognizing a functional medicine approach to weight loss, but also brought focus on being aware of a patient's social background, genetics, and various deficiencies that may be present whether they be educational, supportive, or vitamin deficiencies; all the various aspects that should be evaluated when managing weight loss. This program was both practice changing and eye-opening for me. I strongly encourage others to attend the program." — Amy Ferguson, Oct. 2019

"Great program - very interesting and timely. Speaker is very knowledgeable and a great teacher. Sher presents in a way that encourages participants to implement a similar program." — Sharon Sherrer, Oct. 2019

"Dr. Kathy is incredibly passionate about her ability to make a difference and her Creating Health program is very inspiring." — Michelle Farrell, Oct. 2019