Previous Executive Residents

South Dakota State University College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions

Benjamin Ostebee, PharmD

University of Iowa and Drake University

Jessica Satterfield, PharmD, MBA

Southwestern Oklahoma State University

Erin Selby, PharmD

Drake University

Elise Damman, PharmD, CHWC

Mercer University

Allie Jo Shipman, PharmD, MBA

Belmont University

Alexander Tu, PharmD

University of Toledo

Kevin Day, PharmD

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Bri Morris, PharmD

Samford University

Whitney Culpepper, PharmD

Washington State University

Jane Hong, PharmD

West Virginia University

Caity Frail, PharmD

Rutgers University

Carolyn Ha, PharmD

Midwestern University

Judith Okafor, PharmD, MBA

University of South Carolina

Bryan Ziegler, PharmD

University of Hawaii

Jackie Lopez, PharmD

Texas Tech University

Linda Mick, PharmD

Duquesne University

Stacey Swartz, PharmD

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Scott Pace, PharmD, JD

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Tom Murry, PharmD, JD

BenBenjamin Ostebee, PharmD

2022-2023 Resident

School: South Dakota State University College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions

Current position: Pharmacist at Lewis Drug Pharmacy in South Dakota

Notes of Interest: While at SDSU, Dr. Ostebee tutored students in general chemistry and worked as a float clerk, technician, and intern with Lewis Drug Pharmacy in SD, MN, and IA, sparking his passion for community pharmacy. Dr. Ostebee’s interests outside of pharmacy include watching sports, playing tennis, and spending time at the lake with family and friends.


JesJessica Satterfield, PharmD, MBA

2021-2022 Resident

School: University of Iowa and Drake University

Current position: Associate Director of Policy and Regulatory Affairs at NCPA

Notes of Interest: Jessica Satterfield graduated from the University of Iowa with her PharmD and from Drake University with an MBA featuring a specialization in data analytics in May 2021. During her undergraduate and pharmacy school years, she worked in independent pharmacies and in a chain pharmacy environment. During pharmacy school, Jessica maintained a certification in health and wellness coaching and continues to be interested in functional medicine.

Jessica was active in NCPA while at Iowa and served as team captain of the NCPA Good Neighbor Pharmacy Pruitt-Schutte Business Plan Competition team for two years, with her last year earning a top-3 finish. She was also a part of the Live Oak Bank pharmacy ownership externship program and was a featured panelist at the 2018 ThoughtSpot convention. Her professional interests include data analytics, data visualization, independent pharmacy practice transformation, and education.


ErinErin Selby, PharmD

2020-2021 Resident

School: Southwestern Oklahoma State University

Current position: Pharmacist at Community Pharmacy in Denton, TX

Notes of Interest: Erin Selby received her PharmD from Southwestern Oklahoma State University and graduated with a degree specialization in pharmacy leadership, innovation and quality outcomes. As the daughter of two pharmacy owners and the sister of a community pharmacist, Erin has always had a passion for the interests and goals of community pharmacists. She is very interested in the advancement and transformation of independent community pharmacy through enhanced clinical services.


EliseElise Damman, PharmD, CHWC

2018-2020 Resident

School: Drake University

Current position: Associate Director, Student Development at American Pharmacists Association (APhA)

Notes of Interest: Elise graduated from Drake University in Des Moines, IA in 2018 with a PharmD and Diabetes Concentration. Additionally, Elise is a Certified Health and Wellness Coach.


AJAllie Jo Shipman, PharmD, MBA

2017-2018 Resident

School: Mercer University

Current position: Senior Director, Policy & Professional Affairs at National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations

Notes of Interest: Allie Jo is the Director of State Policy for the National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations (NASPA). In this role, she assists state pharmacy associations and NASPA associate members in understanding state policy trends and innovations through state policy research and resource development. She focuses primarily on issues related to scope of practice and payment for pharmacists’ patient care services. Prior to joining NASPA, Allie Jo served as the Associate Director of State Government Affairs for NCPA.


Alexander TuAlexander Tu, PharmD

2016-2017 Resident

School: Belmont University

Current position: Clinical Pharmacist, Pharmacy Policy for the Federal Employee Program at the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association

Notes of Interest: After completing his residency, Alexander continued his passion for community pharmacy by pursuing a job as a community pharmacist in the tri-state area.


KevinKevin Day, PharmD

2014-2016 Resident

School: University of Toledo

Current position: President of Day’s Pharmacy

Notes of Interest: Kevin’s passion for independent pharmacy allowed him to become Associate Director of Strategic Initiatives at NCPA. Kevin recently left NCPA to serve as the Clinical Director at Day’s Miami Height’s Pharmacy in Cincinnati where he works alongside his father.


BriBri Morris, PharmD

2013-2014 Resident

School: University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Current position: Senior Director, Education and Long Term Care Division at NCPA

Notes of Interest: Bri moved on from her residency early to lead NCPA’s adherence initiative. As Director of Strategic Initiatives, she manages NCPA’s Simplify My Meds (SMM) program for NCPA and leads adherence research endeavors. Bri works closely with other organizations and stakeholders to equip community pharmacists with the tools and information needed to advance patient care.


WhitneyWhitney Culpepper, PharmD

2012-2013 Resident

School: Samford University

Current position: Owner of Hoover Hometown Pharmacy

Notes of Interest: Whitney finished her residency early to become the NCPA Associate Director of Management and Student Affairs. She left NCPA for a position at KidsMeds Pharmacy, an independent pharmacy in Birmingham, Alabama. Whitney recently made her dream of pharmacy ownership come true and celebrated the grand opening of Hoover Hometown Pharmacy.


JaneJane Hong, PharmD

2011-2012 Resident

School: Washington State University

Current position: Co-founder & Chief Innovation Officer at JHC Organics

Notes of Interest: Following residency, Jane worked as a community pharmacist in Northern Virginia before returning to her old stomping grounds in the Pacific Northwest. Since moving, Jane had worked in long-term care and founded WholisticWe, a holistic health and wellness non-profit. Presently, she practices at a community pharmacy in Santa Monica, California.

Caity Frail, PharmD

2009-2010 Resident

School: West Virginia University

Notes of Interest: Caity worked as a community pharmacist at her mother’s independent pharmacy before pursuing a Community Practice Research Fellowship at the Purdue University College of Pharmacy. She now is an Assistant Professor and the NCPA Student Chapter Advisor at the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy.


Carolyn HaCarolyn Ha, PharmD

2008-2009 Resident

School: Rutgers University

Current position: Director in the Policy and Research Department at PhRMA

Notes of Interest: Carolyn remained at NCPA as the Senior Director of Professional Affairs and Long Term Care. She worked within NCPA’s Advocacy Center where she provided guidance and input on the role of community pharmacists, issues affecting the professional practice, and business interests of independent pharmacies. She is now a Director in the Policy and Research Department at PhRMA, where she provides clinical expertise to shape policy development and advocacy related to population health and chronic disease management, improvement of medication use and clinical and quality management strategies.


Judith Okafor, PharmD, MBA

2007-2008 Resident

School: Midwestern University

Current position: Community Pharmacist

Notes of Interest: Judith went back to Arizona and has held positions in community, health-system, and managed care pharmacy. In addition, she has also undertaken administrative positions in health care before accepting a role with a global pharmacy-led, health and wellbeing enterprise.


BryanBryan Ziegler, PharmD

2006-2007 Resident

School: University of South Carolina

Current position: Owner of Moss Compounding Pharmacy

Notes of Interest: Bryan returned to his home in South Carolina, accepting a position as a consultant for NCPA before starting his own pharmacy consulting business. He currently works at the South Carolina College of Pharmacy as Clinical Assistant Professor and the Executive Director of the Kennedy Pharmacy Innovation Center.


Jackie Lopez, PharmD

2005-2006 Resident

Notes of Interest: Jackie kept along the association management path with NCPA as the Associate Director of Management and Student Affairs where she grew the PruittSchutte Student Business Plan Competition before leaving to pursue other career interests.

Linda Mick, PharmD

2004-2005 Resident

Notes of Interest: After residency, Linda collaborated with health care leaders to develop MTM protocols and what we know now as Mirixa. She would eventually go back to the Lone Star State where she practiced in a community setting and now as a pharmacy consultant.

Stacey Swartz, PharmD

2003-2004 Resident

School: Duquesne University

Current position: Co-owner of The Neighborhood Pharmacy of Del Ray

Notes of Interest: Stacey continued to work several years for NCPA as the Senior Director of Pharmacy Affairs overseeing the production of ownership and management programs, as well as providing strategic focus on NCPA’s Medicare education initiatives. Stacey left NCPA in 2009 to pursue ownership and is currently the Pharmacist-in-Charge and co-owner of The Neighborhood Pharmacy of Del Ray in Alexandria, Virginia.


ScottScott Pace, PharmD, JD

2002-2003 Resident

School: University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Current position: Co-owner of Kavanaugh Pharmacy

Notes of Interest: Scott stayed on staff at NCPA as Associate Director of Professional Affairs for a few years. He then went on to administer a multimillion-dollar managed care operation for Arkansas Medicaid participants as Director of the Evidenced-Based Prescription Drug Program. Scott now works as the President and CEO for the Arkansas Pharmacists Association, is President and CEO of Pace Management, LLC, co-owns Kavanaugh Pharmacy and has earned his law degree.


TomTom Murry, PharmD, JD

2001-2002 Resident

School: University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Current position: Assistant District Attorney

Notes of Interest: Tom worked for NCPA as the Director of Student Affairs. After leaving NCPA, he earned his law degree, while moonlighting at independent pharmacies, and was elected to his Town Council. After graduating from law school, he served as Executive Director of the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB). In November 2010, Tom was elected to the North Carolina House of Representatives. Today, Tom is Chief Legal Counsel for Government Affairs at the North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts and still works as a relief pharmacist at area community pharmacies.