Business of Long-Term Care Workshop

Thursday, Sept. 29 - Friday, Sept. 30 (all day)

Get answers to your burning questions on how to start your long-term care service or get tips on how to grow it during the Business of Long-Term Care Workshop, sponsored by Pharmacists Mutual. It is an intensive crash course on owning and operating an LTC pharmacy. Whether you’re a pharmacy owner, manager, or team member, find out what you need to know to grow your long-term offering from a few to a few thousand beds. Visit for more information.

Walk away with:

  • A customized workbook specific to your market area, competition, local regulations, and more.

  • An understanding of the LTC continuum and differentiating services, including medical-at-home.

  • A how-to guide for understanding LTC regulations, contracting for services, and establishing an efficient workflow.

  • Marketing strategies for winning new business and meeting LTC facility needs.

  • The fundamentals needed to run a profitable LTC pharmacy.