Learn how to improve your bottom line with this no-fee NCPA Mastercard®

NCPA February 27, 2024

Busy pharmacies need easy solutions for regular (and surprise) expenses. That’s why NCPA partnered with Mastercard® to develop a business credit card tailored to your spending needs for you and anyone on your team — all with no annual fees. You’ll earn unlimited 2.25 percent cash back on all purchases with auto-pay, 5 percent cash back on $5,000 of pharmacy supplies and equipment every year, and an unlimited number of cards for your employees (with no additional fees). There’s lots to discover about this card, so learn more about it here and start saving on your 2024 expenses. Still not sure how this would work for you? In this Business Booster webinar on March 26, we’ll show you how the NCPA Business Mastercard can help leaders like yourself optimize operations by making simple and free changes in how you operate your financial systems today. Viewers who stay until the end and successfully apply will be entered into a raffle, and three lucky members will get the first $500 of Mastercard purchases completely covered!