Partner with rural health clinics to increase COVID-19 vaccinations

NCPA July 28, 2021

HHS has provided nearly $100 million to more than 1,980 rural health clinics for outreach to increase COVID-19 vaccinations in rural communities. The Rural Health Clinic Vaccine Confidence Program is a Health Resources and Services Administration initiative that will allow rural clinics to use funding for a broad range of efforts, including vaccine promotion, getting information to rural residents about how and where to get vaccinated, coordinating with existing vaccinations sites to identify isolated and/or vaccine hesitant populations, and increased rural community and individual patient literacy on the benefits of broad vaccination and the safety of vaccines. Interested in an opportunity to partner with a clinic to increase COVID-19 vaccinations? Go to the HRSA grant website and under the search bar, select “Rural Health” under “Program Areas,” select “Rural Health Clinic Vaccine Confidence Program (G29),” and select your state. Reach out directly to your local RHC to inquire about opportunities to partner with them.