Cardinal Health acquires Mirixa from NCPA

NCPA January 7, 2019

Cardinal Health, Inc. has acquired Mirixa Corp., a leading provider of technology-enabled solutions for the provision of medication therapy management services, from NCPA. The business will integrate into OutcomesMTM, a pioneer in the MTM market, at Cardinal Health. Cardinal says the merging of these technology platforms will:

  • Simplify the workflow for pharmacy staffs in retail, clinic, and long-term care settings.

  • Allow pharmacy staffs to more effectively deliver services such as comprehensive medication reviews, medication adherence consultations, and other important interventions to patients.

  • Bring payers an enhanced pharmacy services network and standardize care delivery, documentation, and billing for MTM services.

"Since its inception, Mirixa paid more than $100 million to community pharmacies for MTM and adherence services – a huge benefit to NCPA members," said NCPA CEO Douglas Hoey. "The original objective of Mirixa was to empower and enable independent community pharmacists, which is a vision this integration with OutcomesMTM and Cardinal Health seeks to continue."

Though Mirixa will no longer be under the NCPA umbrella, NCPA remains laser-focused on investments like CPESN® USA, a pharmacy-based clinically integrated network, and ongoing efforts to grow CPESN networks so pharmacies can be paid for the services they are providing.