Upcoming NCPA Items for Pharmacy Teams

NCPA April 25, 2023

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (April 25, 2023) – The National Community Pharmacists Association is pleased to announce these upcoming items for pharmacists and pharmacy team members:

  • May 4 – The Anti-Monopoly Summit 2023 in Washington, D.C. NCPA is partnering with the American Economic Liberties Project and others to host a summit that will bring together the growing anti-monopoly movement to build power and engage with senior policymakers. NCPA General Counsel Matthew Seiler will be moderating a seminar, and keynote speakers will include Lina Khan, chair of the Federal Trade Commission, and Jonathan Kanter, assistant attorney general for the Department of Justice Antitrust Division. Learn more and register.
  • May 9 – Alkali Citrate for the Prevention of Kidney Stones, part of our Business Booster series presented by NCPA corporate members. This webinar, presented by Moonstone Nutrition and featuring David Goldfarb, MD, will explain how alkali citrates help prevent the formation and recurrence of calcium-based kidney stones, uric acid kidney stones, and cystine kidney stones. Learn more and register.
  • May 10 – NCPA Innovation Center/CPESN® Community Pharmacy Fellowship online open house. The fellowship, sponsored by Good Neighbor Pharmacy, is an intensive 12-month training program aiming to help pharmacy teams grow non-PBM revenue streams and advance practice transformation. Join this live general interest meeting and get answers to frequently asked questions. Learn more and register. Fellowship enrollment ends July 31.
  • May 16 – An Easy Guide to Identifying, Documenting, and Caring for Medical-at-Home Patients, part of our Rapid Relief Revenue initiative. NCPA’s Long-Term Care Division lead, Bri Morris, and an industry expert guest, Paul Shelton, will discuss the value proposition of medical-at-home pharmacy services and how pharmacies can diversify revenue with safe and effective long-term care offerings. This program is sponsored by Compliant Pharmacy Alliance Cooperative. Learn more and register.

Additionally, registration is open for the next Pharmacy Ownership Workshop, sponsored by McKesson, taking place June 21-22 in Las Vegas. This is a can’t-miss program for new pharmacy owners, those planning to someday open their own store, and those considering taking the next step in the industry. Learn more and register.

Events are subject to change. Visit our website for the latest information on NCPA events.


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