Independent Pharmacies Urge Congress to Rein in PBMs with New Ad Campaign

National Community Pharmacists Association says Congress should fix DIR in the budget bill

NCPA September 14, 2021

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (Sept. 14, 2021) — The National Community Pharmacists Association today launched a three-day ad blitz aimed at pushing Congress to end the shady practices of giant corporate middlemen who pocket savings intended for senior citizens and drive local pharmacies out of business.

The ad, titled You Should Know, shows how pharmacy benefit managers negotiate discounts on expensive pharmaceuticals and then keep a chunk of the savings instead of passing it on to consumers. The ad also points out how the same PBMs steer patients to their own pharmacies – and away from local independent pharmacies – to limit patient access.

The ad will appear in The Washington Post on Tuesday and Wednesday and in Politico from Tuesday to Thursday.


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