NCPA Extending Successful Campaign Exposing “The Truth” About PBMs

NCPA April 28, 2021

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (April 28, 2021) The National Community Pharmacists Association is extending its “The Truth” campaign, which resulted in 2.5 million impressions and more than 27,000 letters to state lawmakers in its first 12 weeks. Fully launched in January, The Truth seeks to educate state legislators, regulators, and patients about how pharmacy benefit managers operate in the shadows to manipulate drug costs, steer patients to PBM-affiliated pharmacies, and pad their profits by squeezing independent pharmacies with backdoor fees.  

“More patients and policymakers are learning about PBMs every day, and they aren’t liking what they’re seeing,” said NCPA CEO B. Douglas Hoey, pharmacist, MBA. “The Truth campaign is reaching hundreds of thousands of people and recruiting new patient advocates, and we’re staying on offense for patients and for independent pharmacy. We’ll be keeping The Truth campaign going, continuing to grow the demand for controls on the anticompetitive PBMs.  

“States are hearing us and are moving on legislation to rein in the middlemen, increase transparency, and grow their oversight,” Hoey said. “They can and should take advantage of this opportunity and regulate PBMs. We’re keeping up the pressure to see that they do.”

Click here for The Truth.


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