Clinical-Community Pharmacy Series

A Five-Part Series to Help You Rethink Pharmacy

PBMs silo pharmacy out of the health care system. This is evident by the low pharmacy reimbursements that stretch profit margins thin for pharmacy business. Fortunately, a new opportunity exists in spite of this challenge.

The health care system is transitioning to a value-based system that seeks to achieve wider access to higher quality care at a lower cost. Now is the time to collaborate with physicians and other health care connections to provide improved patient care to members of your community.

Rethink your pharmacy. Become part of a profitable new business model that expands community pharmacy’s role in health care.

Video 1

Rethink Pharmacy: The 4 Tenets of the Clinical Community Pharmacist

David D. Pope, PharmD, CDE, Chief of Innovation and Co-Founder, Creative Pharmacist

Video 2

Rethink Pharmacy: The Role of Technology in Patient Care

Justin Wilson, PharmD, co-owner, Valu-Med Pharmacy, Midwest City, Okla.; Bestyet Pharmacy, Harrah, Okla.; Valu-Med Pharmacy, Ft. Gibson, Okla.

Video 3

Rethink Pharmacy: Be Intentional in Your Marketing

Jay Williams, Pharmacy Directions

Video 4

Rethink Pharmacy: New Models of Payment —Population Health Management

Joe Moose, PharmD, co-owner of Moose Pharmacy in N.C.

Video 5

Rethink Pharmacy: New Models of Payment —Connecting to the Clinical Community

Joe Moose, PharmD, co-owner of Moose Pharmacy in N.C.