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General Description, Overview, and Opportunity

lab testingDirect to consumer lab testing through pharmacies can provide your patients with convenient, comprehensive and confidential information to manage their health. As Healthcare Professionals struggle to keep up with the demands of today's healthcare system, laboratories have begun working directly with pharmacists to enhance the value and efficiency of both lab tests and medications. Using lab tests to screen for diseases or conditions that develop over time; especially those that may produce no noticeable symptoms; may help your patients identify these serious conditions early. Generally, the earlier a medical condition is detected and diagnosed, the better the chances of a successful treatment. Lab tests can also confirm or rule out inherited conditions, if present, and lab monitoring can guide corrective therapy.

Pharmacogenomics where genetic tests help predict whether a drug is suitable for a patient or at what dose therapy should begin. In addition, patient safety experts are advocating for another kind of personalized medicine—close monitoring of patients on new medications as well as continued monitoring for as long as the patient is taking the drug.

Lab tests offered through your pharmacy, can lower the healthcare costs to your patients, and allow your pharmacy the opportunity to provide incremental healthcare services to your customers and patients while generating incremental income for your business.

Finally, in the era of consumer driven healthcare, your patients have the ability to order their own tests through your pharmacy on their schedule and have full access to their test results. See Example:

  • Lab tests discounted up to 80% off patient self-pay price

  • Over 1,500 lab tests available

  • Over 2,400 Patient Service Centers locations nationwide

  • No prescription needed

  • Pharmacy Platform is web based, no cost to join, no set-up, no software or hardware to install and no monthly fees

Lab Test Market Size

  • The market size for lab tests is 58 times larger than the market for flu shots in the United States.

    • Approximately 120 million flu shots are administered annually.

  • Approximately 7 billion lab tests are conducted annually.

Pharmacy Growth

  • Use lab testing as an additional healthcare offering to attract new customers to the pharmacy.

  • Bundle lab testing with immunizations and other patient care offerings to enhance competitive position in the market.

  • New source of revenue and income for your pharmacy

  • Use lab testing opportunities to improve medication compliance and effectiveness and enhance patient safety.

  • Screen for vitamin and nutritional deficiencies.

  • Use lab tests to provide compressive wellness screening programs.

  • Use lab tests to monitor the therapeutic blood levels of drugs in patients taking specific medications that have narrow therapeutic ranges and PT/INR levels for patients on oral anti-coagulants.

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