Administration of Long-Acting Anti-psychotic Injectable Medications

Overview and Opportunity

There exists an industry program that offers comprehensive information and assistance to help patients stay on their long-acting injectable atypical antipsychotic medications, Invega Sustenna and Risperdal Consta. Patients can receive health care practitioner-ordered injections at a location such as pharmacy that may be more conveniently located for them. This would, of course, be dependent on applicable state laws and regulations governing the administration of injectable products by licensed pharmacists.

Pharmacies should consider becoming a recognized Injection Center. By becoming an Injection Center, you will join a growing network of pharmacies and other healthcare facilities that are helping patients start AND stay on long-acting therapy. In fact, more than 80% of program patients who received at least one HCP-ordered injection at an Injection Center prior to April 2013 have gone on to receive multiple injections.

Companies Involved

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