The Business of Long-Term Care Workshop

The Business of Long-Term Care

On-demand course - Now available! (condensed version)


The NCPA Long-Term Care Division team gets a variety of questions from pharmacists and technicians like you who are looking to grow into the long-term care business...

What packaging should I investigate? What regulations must I follow? How do I set up a relationship with the facility in my area? How does this differ from my community business? Do I need another physical location? Can I use the same staff?

Get these burning questions answered and more during The Business of Long-Term Care Workshop, presented by the NCPA Innovation Center. It is an intensive crash course on owning and operating a long-term care pharmacy. Find out what you need to know to grow your long-term offering from a few to a few thousand beds.

Topics include:

  • Long-term care continuum overview and differentiating services, including medical-at-home

  • Contracting and group purchasing organizations 101

  • Marketing strategies for winning new business

  • Local, state, and federal requirements review

  • Pharmacy operations and workflow deep-dive

  • Technology innovations and efficiencies

In short, you'll walk away armed with the fundamentals on what it takes to run a profitable long-term care pharmacy.

Want a sneak peek?

Get a 60 minute overview from the video below of what it takes to build a business in long-term care from Paul Shelton, one of the course presenters.

Building a Business with Long-Term Care in 60 Minutes or Less