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Lunch and Learn Webinars

Join NCPA periodically for our Simplify My Meds Lunch & Learn webinar series. Featured Topics include Simplify My Meds® pharmacy operations, clinical pearls, and patient communication information. All NCPA members are welcome to attend!

Lunch and Learn Series

Adherence: Key to Improving Quality Ratings [Recording] | [Slides]
Making the Most of the Adherence Visit: Opportunity for Revenue-Producing Services [Recording] | [Slides] | [Additional Information]
Marketing Your Adherence Services to Your Patients and in Your Community [Recording] [Slides]
Health Literacy and Medication Adherence [Slides] [Recording][Additional Resources]
How to Talk So Your Patients Will Listen [Slides] | [Recording]
Facilitating Adherence Through Counseling [Recording] | [Handout]
Program Manager 101 [Slides] | [Recording]
Adherence: A Year-Round Marketing Opportunity [Slides] [Recording]
Rethink. Adherence. [Slides] [Recording]
Improving Adherence Through Behavior Change [Slides] [Recording]

Simplify My Meds Training Series

Watch any or all of these video clips to learn step by step how to implement Simplify My Meds. We give you what you need to know now to be successful with a coordinated refill program at your pharmacy.

For questions, contact adherence@ncpa.org.

Part 1

Implementing Med Sync

Learn what it takes to set up a med sync program in your pharmacy.

Part 2

Implementing Med Sync

Getting Organized—Learn how to identify a program manager and organize a file system for a med sync program.

Part 3

Implementing Med Sync

Identifying Patients—Learn how to identify and talk with patients about a med sync program.

Part 4

Implementing Med Sync

Enrolling Patients—Learn how to select an anchor date, calculate short fills, and overcome insurance hurdles for a med sync program.

Part 5

Implementing Med Sync

One Week Prior to Pick-Up Date—Learn what the pharmacy needs to do 7-10 days before the patient’s pick-up date in a med sync program.

Part 6

Implementing Med Sync

Pick-Up Date—Learn what happens on a patient’s med sync pick-up date and how pharmacists address adherence issues.

For questions, contact adherence@ncpa.org.