“Pharmacists have been screaming for years for ways to improve the health care system and go beyond dispensing, and PGx is part of that opportunity. We should be embracing the things we can start doing now to fine tune these services.”

- Josh Rimany, RPh, FACA, IFMCP, founder and chief wellness officer, Dilworth Drug & Wellness

“I have personally been able to see the positive impact of pharmacogenomics in our 65+ population through reducing the burden of polypharmacy. Many of the pain and psych meds become important in this population to improve quality of life, so by counseling patients on these meds and showing how much we care about their quality of life, I am also able to make an impact on other meds not impacted by PGx but important for their health like controlling blood sugar and hypertension.

At Avant Pharmacy & Wellness, we use risk stratification tools to not only identify patients but also to impress local providers and quantify the population health impact possible using PGx. Providers have been very receptive to this approach since we are simply fulfilling our role as the medication experts making recommendations using more precise science and the decision ultimately lies within the patient-provider relationship.”

- Marianna Wilbur, PharmD, MHA, clinical community population health pharmacist, Avant Institute