Simplify My Meds®

Simplify My MedsSimplify My Meds® is a turnkey adherence program developed for the exclusive use of NCPA members. The program provides NCPA members with the tools and training needed to help them implement a coordinated refill program in their pharmacies.

Improves Patients' Adherence, Streamlines Operations
Simplify My Meds helps pharmacists consolidate and coordinate a patient's prescriptions so they can all be refilled on the same day each month, improving patient adherence and revolutionizing pharmacy operations.

Synchronization also revolutionizes pharmacy operations by changing the dispensing function from a reactive operation to a proactive process based on increased pharmacy efficiency, more predictable daily workloads, and tighter inventory control. The end result is higher gross margins, lower expenses, better cash flow, and a healthier bottom line.

NCPA members who sign up to participate in the Simplify My Meds program will receive a detailed operations manual, access to training and NCPA help desk support, and a FREE starter kit of marketing materials to help get the program up and running.

For questions, contact [email protected].