Amina Abubakar

Amina Abubakar, PharmD, AAHIVP, CEO, Avant Pharmacy and Wellness

Amina Abubakar's Avant Pharmacy and Wellness team has gained industry-wide recognition for their innovative patient care services and business savviness. In this on-demand program, they share their trade secrets with you so you can unlock the full potential of pharmacogenomics and take your pharmacy business to new heights. With a focus on practical implementation strategies, you'll receive invaluable insights and firsthand knowledge from a successful pharmacy team that has already mastered PGx.

Amina graduated from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy University of the Sciences in 2005. She is the owner and manager of Avant Pharmacy & Wellness Center, formerly known as Rx Clinic Pharmacy, in Charlotte, N.C., and is the founder of the Avant Institute. She is an internationally recognized award-winning clinical pharmacist, a certified HIV specialty pharmacist, and a preceptor to UNC-Chapel Hill residents and students from several schools of pharmacy. Amina was honored by the National Community Pharmacists Association as its 2020 Independent Pharmacist of the Year. She also received the 2020 Bowl of Hygeia from the North Carolina Association of Pharmacists for outstanding service to the community. She has fostered an environment that showcases the impact of community pharmacists on patient care by collaborating with medical providers and expanding pharmacist-led clinical services in her community. Her desire to help others advance the pharmacy profession inspired her to found the Avant Institute to offer training to pharmacies across the country on the practical application of clinical pharmacy services through developing sustainable physician collaborations.

Marianna Wilbur, PharmD, MHA

Marianna Wilbur, PharmD, MHA, clinical community population health pharmacist, Avant Institute

After completing the Avant Institute’s Population Health & Practice Development Fellowship, Marianna remained at Avant Pharmacy & Wellness to continue implementing innovative pharmacy solutions while also branching out and developing an independent practice closer to home. PGx remains her top interest in innovative health care initiatives.