Pharmacist's Role

The Pharmacist's Potential

Center for Disease Control and Prevention – Information for Providers

  • Emphasizes the main point that "safe prescribing saves lives"

  • Provides links to guideline overviews, resources, training, PDMP overview, research and activities, and FAQs from providers

CDC's "Pharmacists: On the Front Lines" Brochure

  • Offers tips for communicating with patients, partnering with prescribers, and playing a vital role in the pain management team

  • Contains additional resources and statistics

CDC's "Commitment to Patients" Poster

  • For pharmacists to hang in their pharmacy showing their commitment to safer, more effective pain management

NCPA Webinar – The Community Pharmacist's Role in Drug Abuse Prevention

American Pharmacists Association – "Taking Care: The Pharmacist's Role in Caring for Patients with Pain"

  • Shares tools to bring patients and pharmacists together – how to engage patients with pain and provides tools that can support pharmacists' interactions with patients