PBM Storybook


pbm storybook

The Real Story of PBMs

Because who doesn't like a story—especially when it's true?

Pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) say they reduce drug prices and increase patient access, but the facts just don't bear that out. A new NCPA resource—The PBM Story: What They Say, What They Do, and What Can Be Done About It—tells the real story of how PBMs got their start as useful claims processors but then morphed into large corporations more interested in extracting profits from the prescription drug supply chain than in ensuring medication affordability and access. And that's the real story: PBMs have done more to enrich themselves over the past 25 years than they have done to bring down drug costs.

Download The PBM Story (download  the 12-page pdf or the brief one-pager) and share it with your members of Congress, your state legislators, other policymakers, local employers, and anyone else who needs to understand the discrepancy between what PBMs say and the actual effect they have in driving up prescription drug prices and limiting patient access to medications. 

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