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RxOwnership® Value Proposition

Your complete, confidential, and no-fee resource for buying, starting, selling, and reviewing the financial health of a pharmacy.

RxOwnership brings together the trusted expertise of McKesson with the commitment of our ownership advisors to support the success of current and future pharmacy owners.

Since 2008, RxOwnership has helped more than 6,000 pharmacy owners through the pharmacy transition/ownership process. Whether you’re looking to sell a pharmacy that’s been in your family for generations, buy your very first pharmacy, or are looking to review your pharmacy’s financial health to get your business back on track to success, RxOwnership is your comprehensive resource to plan and reach your ownership goals.

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CellaChris Cella, R.Ph.
Ownership Advisor - National Vice President
(508) 579-3230

RivielloRyan Riviello
VP, RxOwnership

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