Get paid for POCT

NCPA April 2, 2024

What’s the difference between your point-of-care testing cash price and a copay for a similar test from urgent care? Probably not much, and your patients will pay a premium for the convenience and personal touch they can get from you. They like you, trust you, and want to pay you. We’ve got two resources to help you get started.

The NCPA Innovation Center will be offering the NASPA Pharmacy-Based Point-of-Care Test and Treat National Certificate Program on May 16 in a virtual format. Enroll for the chance to gain the skills and information necessary to develop a testing program such as influenza, Group A Streptococcus, HIV, Hepatitis C, coronaviruses, and chronic diseases.

While you’re at it, become a POCT pro when you also download the comprehensive Guide to Implementing Point-of-Care Testing Services in Community Pharmacy, sponsored by QuidelOrtho and brought to you by the NCPA Innovation Center and NASPA. It too can help with setting up and providing these services, marketing them in your community, and navigating reimbursement.