Improve your med sync calls by softening your approach

NCPA June 7, 2023

Comprehensive Motivational Interviewing Training (comMIt) is an e-learning program accredited for eight hours of pharmacist or technician CE tailored to the needs of pharmacists, dietitians, nurses, physicians and social workers. Over six modules, you’ll learn all about “motivational interviewing,” how and why we make sense of things the way we do, developing rapport with patients, and other topics that can transform your practice. NCPA members save 60 percent off the price of the program (through June), and all six modules provide great training for you and your team. But don’t take our word for it — listen to someone who knows. “Over the last few years several of our staff members have taken a course in motivational interviewing,” says Tripp Logan, PharmD and vice president of SEMO Rx Pharmacies & Services, “and when listening to our team talk to patients, especially scheduled outreach like a med sync call, I can totally tell who's been trained in motivational interviewing and who has not. It's pretty amazing."