Alert—be on the lookout for scammers diverting insulin and diabetes testing supplies

NCPA August 27, 2021

Scammers have been increasingly targeting pharmacies to unlawfully divert prescription medications and medical devices—their favored target lately has been insulin and diabetes testing supplies. Some scammers obtain legitimate prescriptions for insulin and other diabetes testing supplies, pick up their prescription, after which they immediately contact PBMs posing as the pharmacy to reverse the claim, with the pharmacy only finding that the claim has been reversed when the receive their remittance statement. Other schemes involve scammers obtaining pharmacy account information to place orders with distributors, which then send shipments to a pharmacy, at which point the scammer contacts the pharmacy, impersonating the distributor to inform pharmacy staff that the shipment was made in error and that it will be retrieved by someone posing as a courier. The Office of Criminal Investigations at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and U.S. Attorney’s Office are jointly investigating this wave of scams.