NCPA Innovation Center Webinar Series—Live

This monthly live webinar series for pharmacy owners and future owners covers a wide range of business-focused topics. Join us the second Wednesday of every month for a live, one-hour webinar to discover new ideas and ways to succeed in pharmacy ownership.

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Shared Clinical Decision Making - September 10, 2-3 pm ET

With flu season ramping up, it is the perfect time to assess patients eligible to receive additional vaccines to the flu shot. New recommendations from the CDC state that certain vaccines should be administered based on shared clinical decision making. But what does this mean? 

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Pandemic Preparedness: Best Practices for Addressing COVID-19 in the Community Pharmacy

This education is supported with an unrestricted educational grant from Merck & Co., Inc.

COVID-19 is a potential once in a lifetime pandemic that has disrupted the way of living for individuals on a global scale. Even though the scale of the pandemic is something the world may not see again for many years to come there are lessons to be learned for any new outbreak that may occur. This webinar will address some of the lessons learned as well as some best practices as the world continues to maneuver these unprecedented times. Topics will include defining staff roles and responsibilities, staff engagement, motivation and appreciation, recommendations for personal protective equipment in the community pharmacy setting as well as medication delivery and patient communication techniques for promoting social distancing. 

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Best Practices for Supporting Patients with Chronic Respiratory Conditions During COVID-19

This education is supported with an unrestricted educational grant from Merck & Co., Inc.

Serving as essential, frontline workers of the pandemic, community pharmacists and pharmacy technicians require up-to-date information and best practices for supporting at risk populations and triaging patients. Join our speakers as they address these topics, including counseling points, risks associated with COVID-19 complication and a review of chronic respiratory conditions including asthma, COPD, and chronic cough that may increase risk of COVID-19 complications. This education will allow you and your staff to appropriately triage patients, which will help to reduce the burden felt by hospitals and their staff while simultaneously increasing healthcare access for patients.
  • Recording available on NCPA's new Learning Center here. Use you NCPA account information to log in and access this CE activity.

A Tale of COVID-19 Testing Success - August 12, 8-9 pm ET

Anne Pace, owner of Kavanaugh Pharmacy in Little Rock, Arkansas, has administered over 1,000 COVID-19 rapid tests over the last few weeks. In a live question-and-answer webinar, she’ll discuss her perspective on getting started, the process and integration into her pharmacy workflow, marketing and much more.Pharmacists should be sure to check applicable state laws and regulations related to the content of this webinar

Reimagining the Pharmacist's Role in Functional Medicine

It is evident that patients are tired of being sick and that "a pill for every ill" is not getting them healthy. Part of a new functional medicine series, Thinking Outside the Vial, this webinar will explore how to leverage the Pharmacists' Patient Care Model to provide comprehensive assessments and improve patient outcomes. Join functional pharmacists Lara Zakaria and Suzanne Keyes as they address how using a functional medicine lens can impact chronic conditions.

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Medical Billing 101 – June 10, 2020

COVID has brought new opportunities and has more pharmacies interested in services that can be billed and paid for outside the PBM, from the medical benefit. Learn the basics on medical billing and the very important do's and the don'ts from experts.

An Update on Employee Management During COVID Crisis – April 10, 2020

Watch a conversation between NCPA's Kurt Proctor and pharmacy attorneys Jeff Baird and Brad Howard updating the latest guidance on special requirements for managing employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. They discuss employee sick leave and leave for caregiving as well as small business and health care provider exemptions from the new laws.

Watch the original March 26 webinar on personnel and employment law matters.

April 8, 2020 8-9 pm ET
Opportunities for Pharmacy Testing during COVID-19
Join pharmacy owner Amina Abubaker and her RxClinic pharmacy team as they address opportunities for community pharmacy to do testing during the COVID-19 crisis. During this webinar you will gain an understanding of the different tests in the market, how to interpret results, and how to do due diligence working with potential test suppliers. Implementation and payment mechanisms for testing services will also be covered.

April 2, 8-9 pm ET

How the CARES Act Can Help Improve Cash Flow and How to Act on It
The CARES Act includes important relief for small businesses including emergency grants, a forgivable loan program, changes to rules for expenses and deductions meant to make it easier for small businesses to keep employees on the payroll and open for business. Accounting experts, Ollin and Scotty Sykes of Sykes and Co., P.A. will breakdown the bill and outline specific actions you can take as a business owner to take advantage of the many resources available.

March 26, 8-9 pm ET

COVID-19 Webinar - Addressing Personnel and Safety Issues

March 11, 2-3 pm ET

Collaborative Clinical Services for All Levels - Making the Most of 2020 CMS Updates

Pharmacy owners must be able to diversify their revenue streams and pursue additional clinical services to support the sustainability of their business. Many pharmacists are not familiar with opportunities for collaborative clinical services that can be offered by partnering with medical practices - this is common because providers have not worked with pharmacists in this capacity before. This webinar will highlight opportunities for collaboration and dive into how CMS revisions for 2020 are providing sustainability and even more opportunities for pharmacists partnering with providers.

Amina Abubakar, PharmD, AAHIVP, CEO Rx Clinic Pharmacy
Olivia Bentley, PharmD, CFts, AAHIVP, Executive Director Amity Medical Group

February 12, 2020 2 pm ET

Electronic Workflow Solutions and Enhancements 2020
Sponsored by National Council for Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP)

Electronic, real-time pharmacy claims are possible because pharmacies, payers, and technology vendors developed and are maintaining a communications standard. New workflow solutions and enhancements including “CancelRx”, “RxFill”, and “FillStatus indicator” are important functionality updates that are now available. Additionally, Pharmacist eCare Plans, electronic prior authorization, beta-testing of real-time benefit standards, and a dictionary of codes that eliminate errors from free text entries are recent SCRIPT standards updates from the National Council for Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP). Join this continuing education webinar to hear from the NCPDP on how these enhancements may benefit your operation.

Speakers:John Klimek, RPh


December 19, 2019 9 – 10 pm ET

2020 Pharmacy Checklist
Sponsored by Compliant Pharmacy Alliance

We've made a 2020 checklist and you'll want to check it twice to make sure your pharmacy is in compliance. NCPA's policy and regulatory team will cover recent changes to Part D plans and review the most important regulatory and legislative actions that impact the pharmacy space, your patients, and your business in this webinar.

Speakers:Ronna B. Hauser, PharmD, VP Policy & Government Affairs Operations, NCPA; Reema Taneja, Director, Policy and Regulatory Affairs, NCPA; Kala Shankle, Director, Policy and Regulatory Affairs, NCPA


December 12, 2019 11 am - 12 pm ET and 2 - 3 pm ET

The Pharmacist's Roadmap to Understanding & Selling CBD (Non-CE)

Quick overview of What CBD is and How it Works. Why the site was created. Not all CBD is equal. You are getting bombarded with product information but not necessarily education and information. There is actual Pharmacy related info you need to be aware of: Drug Interactions, side effects, etc We will show you how to Market it to your customers and doctors; how to become the CBD Expert in town.


November 13, 8-9 pm ET

What's New with Vaccinations

Get updated with new vaccine recommendations and refresh your vaccine knowledge during this one-hour webinar. The authors will provide an update on Advisory Council on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommendations and detail ways you can incorporate more than just flu vaccine administration in your workflow.

Speakers:Keri Hurley-Kim, PharmD, MPH; David Ha, PharmD, BCIDP


CE evaluation:

ACPE UAN: 0207-0000-19-333-H06-P | ACPE UAN: 0207-0000-19-333-H06-T| 1.0 contact hours (0.1 CEUs) | Activity Type: Knowledge-Based | Release date: November 13, 2019 | Expiration date: November 13, 2022 | Target audience: pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

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October 16, 2-3 pm ET

Shifting Towards Prevention: Becoming your Community's "Prevention Hub"

We often focus on disease management, but how can we prevent the disease in the first place? Through one-on-one consultation, classroom style education, supplement recommendations and employer-based models, pharmacies can serve as a prevention hub and help their patients to live healthier lives. Learn what it means to become a prevention hub and health destination in your community.

Speakers: Ashley Duggins, PharmD and owner of Prevo Drug


September 11, 2 - 3 pm ET

Medical at Home: A New Model for Aging in Place

Do you want to move into a nursing facility? Most likely, your patients don’t either. Some pharmacies have grown their market share by offering medical at home services. Providing long-term care services to patients who might otherwise be in a nursing home can help patients stay home and in the community longer. Get the ins-and-outs on how to identify medical at home patients, potential services, billing procedures, and referral sources in this program.

Speakers: Susan Rhodus, RPh, Senior Vice President, Contract Administration, Gerimed


August 14, 9:30 pm ET

Mental Health First-Aid: More Valuable than CPR?
Sponsored by Compliant Pharmacy Alliance

One in five adults in America experience a mental illness. Your community pharmacy team can be the first line of defense for ensuring patients get the help they need during a mental health crisis. In this session, you’ll learn what mental health first-aid is, why you AND your pharmacy staff should be trained and how it can be just as life-saving as CPR.

Speakers: Clark Bishop, PharmD, Pharmacist Manager, Partner, Hutton Pharmacy, Blackwell, Okla.


July 10, 8 - 9 pm ET

Impending Inventory Impact – Your Pharmacy and Requirements Under the Drug Supply Chain Security Act
Sponsored by Compliant Pharmacy Alliance

Did you know after November 2019 your pharmacy may not be able to accept non-serialized drug stock? Or, that saleable returns will have to meet new verification requirements? Current and future requirements under the Drug Supply Chain Security Act, commonly referred to as "track-and-trace" law, will impact your pharmacy business. This webinar will give an overview of those current and future requirements and discuss pharmacy practices and solutions to help you comply with those requirements.

Speakers: Kala Shankle, Director, Policy and Regulatory Affairs, NCPA; Lisa Schwartz, PharmD, Sr. Director, Professional Affairs, NCPA


June 12, 1 – 2 p.m. ET
USP General Chapter <800> and EPA: Implications for Long-Term Care and Community Pharmacies

Important USP and EPA compliance dates are quickly approaching that will impact your business. On December 1, 2019, the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) General Chapter <800> will become official. Chapter <800> requires that all pharmacies and other health care entities that handle hazardous drugs incorporate USP <800> into their occupational safety plan, subject to their state laws. On August 21, 2019, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) final rule governing hazardous waste pharmaceuticals goes into effect. The rule will require special considerations from pharmacists and pharmacy operators. This presentation will discuss how USP General Chapter <800> and the EPA final rule will impact pharmacy practice, with a principal interest around long term services and supports.

Speaker: Dana Saffel, PharmD, CGP, CPh, CEO at PharmaCare Stategies, Inc; Paul Baldwin, Principal, Baldwin Health Policy Group


CE evaluation:

ACPE UAN: 0207-0000-19-058-H04-P | ACPE UAN: 0207-0000-19-058-H04-T | 1.0 contact hours (0.1 CEUs) | Activity Type: Knowledge-Based | Release date: June 12, 2019 | Expiration date: June 12, 2022 | Target audience: pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

In order to receive CE credit for this activity, participants must view the recording, pass the post-test and complete the session evaluation.

May 22
How to Increase Your Pharmacy's OTC Sales

Speaker: Neil Redden, Pointy


May 8, 2 – 3 p.m. ET
Introduction to Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Join pharmacist Morgan Miller, PharmD while she provides an introduction to Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) therapies that are available for Opioid Use Disorder (OUD), common barriers to access to these treatments, and how pharmacist involvement and engagement can be beneficial for the patient and prescriber and health care facilities.

Speaker: Morgan Miller, PharmD, Director of Specialty Pharmacy, Alps Specialty Pharmacy


April 2019
Best Practices for Shipping, Sponsored by Cardinal Health

Speaker: Jonathan Kernya Director of Customer Operations OptiFreight (R) Logistics Cardinal Health


March 13, 2 – 3 p.m. ET
Mastering the Message: Marketing for Your Community Pharmacy
Sponsored by Compliant Pharmacy Alliance

Roughly 1 in 8 people move every year according to the census so bringing new customers into your pharmacy is necessary for survival and growth. No matter what media you choose – without the right message you will miss your target. This program will help you hone your message(s) to your community to help you build your pharmacies brand.

Speaker: Gabe Trahan, Senior Director of Store Operations and Marketing, NCPA, Milton, Vermont


February 13, 2 pm ET
Hiding in Plain Sight: How Adding Community Health Workers Adds Value to Your Pharmacy

Community health workers, or CHW, are recognized public health professionals in almost all 50 states and serve as a liaison between health and community services. These individuals have a close understanding and are considered a trusted member of the community they serve. Pharmacy staff members currently practice many principles of a CHW including the role they play in conducting home visits and identifying social determinants of health. During this webinar, learn why having a CHW as part of your staff is valuable for your patients and business.

Speaker: Tripp Logan, Pharm.D., L and S Pharmacy, Charleston, Mo.


January 9, 2 - 3 pm ET
Management Techniques to Increase the Pharmacy's Financial Success
Sponsored by Compliant Pharmacy Alliance

The wildly popular 'The Four Disciplines of Execution' book teaches leaders how to strategically execute on their company's biggest ideas. Overcoming the whirlwind of the day-to-day by applying this innovative business management technique has led to financial success for pharmacy owners Dared and Renee Price. Gain insights from this duo and leave with a plan of attack for your own business.

Speaker: Dared and Renee Price, PharmD, President, Graves Drug Stores, Arkansas City, Kansas


December 11, 2 – 3 pm ET
Compounding Update on Potential Impact of New Laws

Compounding provides a distinct competitive advantage for community pharmacy, but there has been a lot of change in compounding in the last few years. This webinar will bring you up to date on the changes to USP 797, USP 795 and USP 800 and how they will affect your compounding practice.

Speaker: Matt Martin, PharmD, Consultant, PCCA, Houston, Tx.


November 14, 2-3 pm ET
Tax Prep – What You Need to Know to Prepare for Next Year
Sponsored by Compliant Pharmacy Alliance

The end of the year is coming and it is time to pull together reports and records for the yearly tax preparation. This refresher webinar will go over the new tax changes and prepare you for tax season.

Speakers: Ollin Sykes, CPA, CITP, CMA, Sykes & Co. P.A., Edenton, N.C.; Scott Sykes, CPA, CGMA, Sykes & Co., P.A., Edenton, N.C.


September 12, 2 – 3 pm ET
Opioids and the Impact in Community and LTC Pharmacy

Sponsored by Compliant Pharmacy Alliance

Opioid addiction and overdose is on the front page of newspapers across the country every day, and the one thing pharmacists know better than anyone is that the issue is a lot more complicated that it looks on the surface. This program will take a multi-pronged look, starting with the patient and delivering guidelines and guidance on counseling your patients on the risks that accompany the benefits of their prescription medications. Look at the policies and process of a pharmacy peer and brainstorm if your process could use an update and how that would look.

Speaker: Wes Pilkington, PharmD, Evans Crossing Pharmacy, Evansdale, Iowa


August 15, 2 – 3 pm ET
Preparing for Flu Season: Point-of-Care Testing in the Pharmacy

Last year's flu season was the worst season in recent years. Before the 2018 season hits, find out your pharmacy can help patients receive care quickly by administering point-of-care testing, or POCT. During this webinar you'll learn everything you need to know to get started with POCT in your pharmacy.

Speaker: Kevin Day, PharmD, Staff Pharmacist, Day's Miami Heights Pharmacy, Cincinnati, Oh.


July 11, 2 – 3 pm ET
Improving Operating Efficiencies: The Pharmacy Back Office

How can you get the most from your technology and make sure it works for you? What reports will help you fine tune your operations? This webinar will help you make your operation as efficient as possible with tips, tools and resources.

Speaker: Mark BonDurant, RPh, Chief Consultant, Independent Rx Consulting, Dayton, Ohio


June 13, 2018 2- 3 pm:
USP 800: What you need to know for Community and LTC Pharmacy

Compounders have been planning for USP <800>, but are you ready for its impact on your community and LTC business? Compliance with USP <800> will mean changes for both community and LTC pharmacies and nursing homes. Find out what is most relevant to your operations and LTC consulting business and a blueprint for how to prepare for USP <800> in this live CE webinar.

Speaker: Brenda Jensen, CPhT, MBA, Compounding Consultants, LLC, South Dakota; Alexander Pytlarz, Pharm.D., The Compounding Center, Leesburg, VA


May 9, 2018 2 – 3 pm ET:
Taxes 2018: A Rundown of the Essential Facts

There have been a lot of changes for small business taxes and this is the best time to get up to date on the ins and outs of your business tax changes for 2018. Find out what all these changes mean for you in this timely session that will help you to plan, and get ready to file your taxes in 2018.

Speakers: Ollin Sykes, CPA, Sykes & Co. P.A., Edenton, North Carolina

Taxes 2018: A Rundown of the Essential Facts
Ollin Sykes, CPA, Sykes & Co. P.A., Edenton, North Carolina


April 11, 2018 2 – 3 pm ET:
Bringing Excellence to Your Pharmacy’s Front End

Whether you are giving your front-end a freshen-up or full facelift, there is a lot that can be learned from your peers on their successes. This session will provide a quick profile on some winners and semi-finalists of the 2017 NICE Awards for the Pharmacy Front-End, and give you solid, actionable ideas on everything from end-caps, to signage, to complete interior makeovers. There will be time for questions and answers so mark your calendar and give some thought to simple, eye-catching changes to improve your business.

Speakers: Gabe Trahan, Senior Director of Store Operations and Marketing, NCPA, Burlington, Vt.

Bringing Excellence to Your Pharmacy’s Front End
Gabe Trahan, Senior Director of Store Operations and Marketing, NCPA, Burlington, Vt.


Feb. 14, 2018 2 p.m. ET:
Looking Ahead: NCPA Member Priorities for 2018

NCPA polls members yearly to stay tuned into the most important issues and challenges they face. This session will discuss the results of the survey, as well as how NCPA will be crafting a strategy for 2018 that helps forward the interests of community pharmacy and provide solutions and opportunities.

Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technician Learning Objectives:

Speakers: Douglas Hoey, RPh, MBA, CEO, National Community Pharmacists Association, Alexandria, Va.

Looking Ahead: NCPA Member Priorities for 2018
Douglas Hoey, RPh, MBA, CEO, National Community Pharmacists Association, Alexandria, Va.


Jan. 10, 2018 2 p.m. ET: Creating Enhanced Service Opportunities for Expansion

The results of NCPA's latest member survey are in, and it's no surprise that community pharmacies are looking for new niche opportunities to increase pharmacy profits. This webinar will share insights from a peer who has combined her pharmacy's excellent reputation, strong customer relationships, and clinical expertise with patient needs to form a thriving niche counseling patients in wellness. This cash pay model incorporates appointment-based individual counseling, group sessions, and scheduled follow-up progress checks. The webinar will cover topics such as program formation, marketing, and workflow to help you start your own plans for expansion.

Speakers: Kathy Campbell, PharmD, Medicap Pharmacy, Owasso, Okla.

Creating Enhanced Service Opportunities for Expansion
Kathy Campbell, PharmD, Medicap Pharmacy, Owasso, Okla.


Dec. 13, 2017 2 p.m. ET: Employment Law: An Essential Primer
The basics and best practices for keeping your pharmacy staffed with the most qualified people who have the tools to operate efficiently is of vital importance in today's competitive market. Without the big HR department of the large chain, the weight of compliance falls on the pharmacy owner. This webinar discusses the information and tools you need to manage human resources and compliance issues in a community pharmacy.

Employment Law: An Essential Primer
Anthony Calamunci, Esq., FisherBroyles, LLP, Toledo, Ohio; Brian Dickerson, Esq., FisherBroyles, LLP, Washington, D.C.


Nov. 1, 2017 2-3 p.m. ET: CMS Medicaid Prescription Drug Reimbursement Status Update

It has been nearly two years since CMS released and finalized the Covered Outpatient Drug Rule or “AMP” rule. The final rule became effective April 1, 2016, and all state Medicaid fee-for-service pharmacy programs should have switched to the new acquisition-based model of pharmacy reimbursement to include a commensurate dispensing fee. CMS will provide a status update in regards to how states have implemented the rule and what independent pharmacy should be aware of looking into the future.

CMS Medicaid Prescription Drug Reimbursement Status Update
Joe Fine, RPh, MPA Technical Director, Division of Pharmacy Center for Medicaid & CHIP Services and and Terri Hunter, RPh Myers and Stauffer, LLC


August 9, 2017 2-3 p.m. ET: Opportunities for Growth: Building a Business with Long-Term Care

This webinar examined the pieces you need for a solid foundation for creating and growing your long-term care (LTC) business, including the basics to get your LTC business off on the right foot (how to start, LTC business metrics, financing your growth when you're ready to take your business to the next level, and important considerations when you prepare to go closed-door).

Opportunities for Growth: Building a Business with Long-Term Care
Bill Popomaronis, Vice President of Professional Affairs, NCPA


July 12, 2017 2-3 p.m. ET: Accounting for Technology Upgrades in the Pharmacy

This webinar reviewed the timelines, budgeting, tax benefits, and ramifications a pharmacy owner must consider when choosing the right technology for his or her business needs.

Accounting for Technology Upgrades in the Pharmacy
Ollin Sykes, President, Sykes & Company, PA, Edenton, N.C.


June 14, 2017 2-3 p.m. ET: Chronic Care Management: An Opportunity for Collaboration

This webinar reviewed new revenue generating opportunities for pharmacists who embrace new models of patient care. The speaker also discussed how Medicare's Chronic Care Management (CCM) program gives pharmacists an avenue to collaborate with physicians and develop contractual partnerships.

Chronic Care Management: An Opportunity for Collaboration
Mandy Irvin, PharmD, Rx Clinic Pharmacy #2, Charlotte, N.C.; Desiree Gaines, PharmD, Rx Clinic Pharmacy #2, Charlotte, N.C.


May 10, 2017 2-3 p.m. ET: Government Fraud and Abuse Enforcement in the Pharmacy Space

Over the past several years, government enforcement in the health care space has skyrocketed, and pharmacies have been no strangers to this trend of increased enforcement. This webinar discussed the major statutes and regulations at issue in such enforcement actions—particularly the False Claims Act, Anti-Kickback Statute, and Stark Law—how those statutes and regulations have been applied to pharmacies.

Government Fraud and Abuse Enforcement in the Pharmacy Space
Scott Grubman, Partner, Chilivis, Cochran, Larkins & Bever LLP, Atlanta, Ga.


April 12, 2017 2-3 pm ET: Staff Engagement: Best Practices for the Community Pharmacy

Successful, innovative programs that can drive revenue in your pharmacy need commitment from your team. Join the discussion with these innovative store owners on how they are turning pushback into enthusiasm and engagement.

Staff Engagement: Best Practices for the Community Pharmacy
Rebecca Holt, RPh, Holt's Pharmacy, Tooele, Utah; Travis Hickok, Holt's Pharmacy, Tooele, Utah


March 8, 2017 2-3 p.m. ET: Immunization Beyond Flu

This program provided insights from NCPA member Justin Wilson, PharmD, on his successful practice niche in travel immunizations. With many travelers visiting destinations that require vaccinations, the potential in this niche gives community pharmacies an opportunity for growth, not just in vaccines, but in ancillary services. Wilson provided a pharmacy owner’s perspective on the opportunities from marketing and detailing to delivery and follow up in this niche.

Immunization Beyond Flu
Justin Wilson, PharmD


February 8, 2017 2-3 p.m. ET: Myth-Busting Specialty Pharmacy Stigmas

Many community pharmacists think specialty is something 'out there' that they cannot participate in and do not need to know or worry about. This program challenged those perceptions by breaking down the myths about the specialty pharmacy space.

Myth-Busting Specialty Pharmacy Stigmas
Kevin Day, PharmD, Associate Director, Strategic Initiatives, NCPA, Alexandria, Va.


January 11, 2017 2 p.m. ET: Running a Successful Weight Loss Niche in Community Pharmacy

Many of your patients are seeking weight loss and healthy living options in the New Year, and as accessible and highly trusted health providers, pharmacists are uniquely positioned to provide advice and solutions in this growing area. This session covered good ideas from a pharmacy peer who has established a successful weight loss niche to support patients and improve profits in her pharmacy.

Running a Successful Weight Loss Niche in Community Pharmacy
Kathy Campbell, PharmD, Medicap Pharmacy, Owasso, Okla.


December 13, 2016 2 p.m. ET: Compounding: 2017 Preview

This webinar covered the latest updates on FDA activity regarding office use compounding, inspections, the MOU addressing interstate shipment of compounds, and positives and negatives lists. The speakers also addressed what changes in processes and physical layout will need to be implemented to be in compliance with USP <800> Hazardous Drugs-Handling in Healthcare Settings, which may be enforceable beginning on July 1, 2018.

Compounding: 2017 Preview
John Voliva, PharmD, Executive Vice President, IACP, Missouri City, Texas; Ronna B. Hauser, PharmD, Vice President of Pharmacy Affairs, NCPA, Alexandria, Va.


November 9, 2016 2 p.m. ET: Expanding the Diabetes Care Niche in Your Community Pharmacy - Enhancing Patient Care and Improving Profits

Approximately 29 million people in the United States have diabetes, making them an increasingly common patient for your community pharmacy. These patients present an excellent opportunity for better patient outcomes through enhanced services and a profitable business niche. This peer-led program program shared valuable insights in expanding your diabetes niche, patient outreach, products, and educational resources to increase your profits and your patients' overall health.

Expanding the Diabetes Care Niche in Your Community Pharmacy—Enhancing Patient Care and Improving Profits
Jonathan Marquess, PharmD, CDE, CPT President, The Institute for Wellness and Education, Woodstock, Ga.


September 14, 2016 2 p.m. ET: Innovation for Pharmacy Growth

Challenges to the independent pharmacy community are fast and furious. Many pharmacy owners are forced to "think outside the box" about the trends and options available to independent pharmacies that can lead to change and growth. During this webinar, Live Oak Bank's General Manager of Pharmacy Lending, Jimmy Neil, discussed ideas for innovation and growth as well as available funding for some non-traditional uses of proceeds.

Innovation for Pharmacy Growth
Jimmy Neil, General Manager, Pharmacy Lending, Live Oak Bank, Wilmington, North Carolina


August 10, 2016 2 p.m. ET: Genetic Testing: Coming to a Pharmacy Near You

This webinar examined how pharmacogenetics (PGx) is fundamentally changing medication management while presenting a unique opportunity for pharmacists to be viewed as innovators in the community. With PGx testing, pharmacists can now provide medication advice based on a patient’s individual genetic profile—advice that is specific to that patient.

Genetic Testing: Coming to a Pharmacy Near You
Nick Newman, PharmD, Uptown Pharmacy, Westerville, Ohio



July 13, 2016 2 p.m. ET: Using Technology to Enhance Your Opportunities in Expanded Pharmacy Services

This session examined how to make the most of key technologies that help you respond to the challenges to successful integration with other health care providers and important considerations when looking into new technology options.

Using Technology to Enhance Your Opportunities in Expanded Pharmacy Services
Bri Morris, PharmD, Associate Director, Strategic Initiatives, NCPA, Alexandria, Va.; Ashley Branham, PharmD, Director of Clinical Services, Moose Pharmacy, Concord, N.C.


June 8, 2016 2 p.m. ET: Community Pharmacy in Transitions of Care
Due to technical difficulties the first few minutes of Josh Aker’s presentation did not get recorded.

This program examined transitions of care, one of the hottest topics across health care as hospitals face mounting penalties from CMS based on readmission rates and health systems transition into new payment models focused on reducing high-cost care and improving overall patient outcomes.

Community Pharmacy in Transitions of Care
Kevin C. Day, PharmD, Executive Resident, NCPA, Alexandria, Va., and Josh Akers, PharmD, Kelley-Ross Pharmacy Group, Seattle, Wash.


May 11, 2016 2 p.m. ET: How to Build Value for Your Retirement and Protect Your Legacy for the Future

In this presentation, experts in planning and investment explained the basic tools for designing an estate plan including wills, powers of attorney, health care directives and living trusts. The program also examined titling of assets, beneficiary structure, buy-sell arrangements, gifting and income shifting strategies, grantor trusts, and charitable giving strategies, all of which are specifically useful for owners of closely-held businesses.

How to Build Value for Your Retirement and Protect Your Legacy for the Future
Lawrence C. Barrett, CLU, ChFC, Independent Pharmacy Consulting Group, LLC, Cleveland, Ohio; Thomas H Craft, CPA, PFS, AEP, Independent Pharmacy Consulting Group, LLC, Cleveland, Ohio

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April 13, 2016 2 p.m. ET : Financing the Dream—Buying or Expansion in Community Pharmacy

New opportunities are rapidly developing for community pharmacy, and the time is right to take the plunge and become the owner of your own pharmacy. If you are already an owner, new opportunities often mean expansion to meet the market head on and grow. This program examined facts about applying for a loan and brought participants up-to-date on the trends that lenders are seeing in pharmacy buyout and expansion.

Financing the Dream - Buying or Expansion in Community Pharmacy

Bob Graul, First Financial Bank

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March 9, 2016 2 p.m. ET: Pharmacy Valuation