Pharmacy Buyers

Tools and information to help pharmacists buy or start a pharmacy.

Selected items from the NCPA Bookstore

Opening a Pharmacy Quick Guide

A short two-pager on all things to consider if you plan to start a pharmacy from scratch.

Buying a Pharmacy Quick Guide
A short two-pager on all things to consider if your goal is to purchase an existing pharmacy.


  • you are a staff pharmacist ready to become your own boss;

  • a hospital pharmacist looking for a more challenging practice opportunity;

  • a recent graduate driven to provide care to your community;

  • or a student still unsure if ownership is for you.

Pharmacy Junior Partnership: A "How-To" Guide

Junior Partnerships take many forms, but the most general description of this transaction is an arrangement that allows ownership share and management responsibilities to shift from the seller to the buyer over a specified time period at a specified price. The guide goes in to detail on the partnership agreement, terms of a buy-sell agreement and identifies key legal, accounting and insurance issues. Additionally, this guide explores the characteristics that make a buyer or a seller a suitable candidate for junior partnership, not least of which is a buyer or a seller who is prepared to take on a business partner.

  • Live Oak Bank
    • At Live Oak Bank, we specialize in lending to independent pharmacists nationwide. With a dedicated team who understands the industry, we are uniquely positioned to help pharmacists achieve new levels of growth. We provide financing for acquisition, remodels, refinance, and ground up construction. Contact our team for more information.
  • Ownership Resources
    Members Only information about buying or selling a pharmacy through a Junior Partnership, planning documents for start-up and management tools